problem uploading app: Your application must have a icon

I tried uploading two apps the other day. The first uploaded just fine. The second gave me the error "Your application must have a icon".

Of course, my app *does* have an icon and its specified in the AndroidManifest in exactly the same way as the successfully uploaded app.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

I did send an email to SlideME support, but have not received a reply :(.

Thanks in advance!


I'm having the same issue

I'm having the same issue, but only for paid apps.

Both my successful upload and

Both my successful upload and the "need a icon" upload were paid apps...

Any news on this?

Still not working for me. Any news on why this is happening? Can we fix it by changing something in the manifest?

Any chance of an update?

as title

AndroidManifest issue

We have pinpointed the problem, but would appreciate if you could send us your apk's to assure fix works for all.

Kindly send us your apk's so we can test further.

Once you contact SlideME via form, you will receive a reply where you will be able to attach your apk's.

Thank you,
SlideME Team

Fixed manifest/icon issue

Problem fixed.

Please upload your applications and report back if problems persist.


How to publish directly from phone?

I just have registered from my phone, now trying to publish my app, (the prebuild package is on SD card,I have published it on Android market already), but where is publish option on Slideme site,I do not see it from phones browser.

Uploading an app

If you do not see the Upload Application button, then you may have not signed up as a developer. Also many menu functions are not available from mobile theme. I would suggest you you use your normal desktop browser for such tasks.

upload button missed

If I have registered as normal user,how can change it to developer? The account type do not appears in my profile. That is the same when browsing from desktop computer too.

Developer role

Checked your account, and its already set as a developer. Click "MyActions" red menu(top right) to expand and click on 'Upload an application'.