Unable to upload app: componentClassName required


I get the error 'Your application must have a componentClassName. You need to edit you AndroidManifest.xml file to correct this.' when trying to update my application node. I also received emails to update my componentClassName.

This is EXTREMELY vague and I am really confused about what needs to be done. All my "components" in my AndroidManifest.xml file are correctly structured. I tried with the . and with the full package name in front of the component name.

Nothing seems to work. Please assist.


I just got the same error

I just got the same error message with one of my apps. Since this is the only one of my apps that does not include a launcher activity, I suspect this is the real reason for the error. I would like to see this requirement removed for SlideME since neither the Android Market, nor AndAppStore have this requirement and sometimes apps do not need a launcher.

If you want to warn the person downloading that this app does not contain a launcher, that would be fine by me and actually an improvement over other app stores (keeps the customer from downloading it and immediately trying to open it even though the description clearly states that you cannot launch the app normally).

Parsing restriction removed

We have removed this restriction, so you can upload applications even without Launcher Activity.


Thank you for your quick reaction on the above issue.

We have replaced a back-end component that validates content publication, as we are working hard for improving both - developers and end users experience in several areas.
As 'blackmoon-it-services' already figured out, we are in the phase of adding support for better categorization/labeling of the content. There was a little deployment error which turned in this issue - the new component enforcing the need of an Application Launcher in the manifest by default.

Stay tuned to find out more of what is following and help us improve with your ideas!