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After The Siege After The Siege v1.0

"After the Siege" is a good art work by Danny Parsons. Ozitechnology is offering you the best art work
to run on your Android devices.
Its good application for comic lovers
Enoy it for free!


Poetry4U Poetry4U v1.6

An app to read, write and share poems with the world. Change the world with your poetry.

now with comments option


Best Trivia Best Trivia v1.3

Best Trivia Ever


This Or That This Or That v1.0

Choose between choices and then continue! This app has it all. Questions are based on a huge variety of subjects. This app will ensure that you never experience boredom again! Whether the questions are about US Presidents or British Literature, we guarantee that they will challenge you to the maximum! See how many you can get right and compare your results with your friends to see who knows the most about everything that's anything!


Water Margin Water Margin v1.0.9

Water Margin

Water Margin (known in Chinese as Shuihu Zhuan, sometimes abbreviated to Shuihu), also known as Outlaws of the Marsh, All Men Are Brothers, Men of the Marshes, or The Marshes of Mount Liang, is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.


Journey to the West Journey to the West v1.0.5

Journey to the West

Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.


FreePlay Sci-Fi Quiz FreePlay Sci-Fi Quiz v1.0.0

Are you a Sci-Fi fanatic? Think you know Star Wars from Star Trek, or Alien from Avatar?

Test your knowledge of science fiction with FreePlay Sci-Fi Quiz.
Featuring 1,000 questions spanning a history of sci-fi movies, TV and literature.


Trivia Canada Trivia Canada v1.12

A game of trivia with 4000+ questions that quizzes you about all things CANADA!


Convergence Of Tarot Convergence Of Tarot v1.0

Tarot provides free professional Tarot Divination,it uses 22 Major Arcana and their Upright position, Reversed position to solve the problem from Love,Health,Study, Money, Work, Interpersonal Relations by Time Spread.


aQuiz aQuiz v3.6.19

General knowledge quiz/trivia game. Quizzes about pop culture and serious stuff too!

11 topics:
- Geek
- TV series
- National flags
- Sports
- Geography
- Rock
- Movies
- Art/Literature
- Science
- Video games
- History

Four game modes:
- normal: answer a series of 20 questions.
- survival: give as much correct answers as possible in a row.
- peace: just freely answer questions.
- time: 20 questions, 10 seconds per question.


Tibetian Heart Sutra Tibetian Heart Sutra v1.3

The Heart Sutra as recited by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

It is one of the most well-known Buddhist scriptures. Although it is short, it is rich in meaning, encapsulating the essential concepts of Buddhist beliefs or philosophies.

Listen and meditate in peace.


Foxfly Foxfly v1.6

Foxfly enables you to send FREE group text messages to all your friends.

Perfect for organizing events, sharing private stuff, and keeping in touch with your different circles of friends. Messages and photos are sent and received instantly via push notifications saving you tons of $$$$ on text messaging fees.


Collins Russian Dictionary Collins Russian Dictionary v8.0.251

The essential two-in-one reference for the learner of Russian: an up-to-date dictionary and a useful grammar supplement in one app. The Collins Russian Dictionary offers up-to-date coverage of today's Russian and English. Ideal for the intermediate learner of Russian.


World Intelligence Contest World Intelligence Contest v1.3

Play this addictive game of questions to show how much you know about general culture. Test your knowledge and have fun and learn at the same time trying to answer the most varied, funny, curious and interesting questions you can about anything. Try to answer questions about any category you can imagine, such as history, music, sports, movies, TV shows, video games, news, important events, math, biology, literature, reality or fiction, among numerous other possibilities.


Andrew Lang's Books Andrew Lang's Books v1.0

Andrew Lang collection
This collection of Andrew Lang books is a free application for fans of Andrew Lang's works!


QuizBurner QuizBurner v1.3.2

Challenging trivia quiz!

Your opponent, the time. The weapon, your knowledge.


鲁迅全集 鲁迅全集 v1.0.2

Lu Xun Essays
Lu Xun (simplified Chinese: 鲁迅; traditional Chinese: 魯迅; pinyin: Lǔ Xùn) or Lu Hsün (Wade-Giles), was the pen name of Zhou Shuren (simplified Chinese: 周树人; traditional Chinese: 周樹人;


Droid Trivia Droid Trivia v2.0

If you love trivia, Droid Trivia is the trivia game for you!


LibriVox Audio Books LibriVox Audio Books v3.3

Free access to over 10,000 audio books!