Trigonometry Cheat Sheet Trigonometry Cheat Sheet v4

This application contains a list of all Trigonometric formulae and identities that can help you get good grades in mathematics.
Its a handy tool to provide you with all the help without having to remember even one formula.


Math Formulae Lite Math Formulae Lite v1.0.1

Math Formulae Lite is one unique app that is particularly designed for College Grade/Higher Grade Students. It lists out all the important formulas in Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus. Regular review of these formulas/concepts will definitely help improve your grades.


Formula Car Game Formula Car Game v2.3

FORMULA CAR GAME - simple, addictive and fun formula racing game for kids! Be a formula driver, try to stay on track, watch other cars and slippery oil! Download Now, it's FREE!


Medical Formulas Medical Formulas v1.0.4

You can find all the calculations you need in medicine in this application


GP News & Weather GP News & Weather v2.480

News, Detailed weather forecasts (long term, short term and hour-by-hour rain forecast), championship standings, radar imagery, historical race data, race calendar with session times, and more!


FormulaX FormulaX v2.0

The Best racing game for your device is here for free!
Have you ever wanted to be the fastest Racer? WELL NOW YOU CAN!!


Turbo Racer (2D car racing) Turbo Racer (2D car racing) v2.1.7

Be the best in the race! Get the highest score, unlock better Formula One and check your ranking on the global world leaderboard via Scoreloop! Free to play, don't waste your time, download it!


Name Match 2012 Name Match 2012 v1.2

Calculate whether two people fit together based on first names. Based on an ancient Scandinavian love formula. This can be used to cross check the class lists as well as employee lists :)


Speed Racer Speed Racer v2.0

Speed Racer is a speedy racing game where you have to take control of the fastest F1 car of the world!


PapeRace PapeRace v03.04.01

PapeRace - Free 'Strategic' Formula One Race


Magnetic Pulsator free version Magnetic Pulsator free version v3.1

Magnetic pulsator uses formulas from quantum physics to simulate magnetic motions, which occur at the quantum level. This simulation creates fascinating and hypnotizing patterns. This live wallpaper is truly one of its kind, there is nothing similar on the market. Experience this never ending flow of strange magnetic wave patterns now!

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Magnetic pulsator


DaCalc DaCalc v1.2.2.0

Calculate formulas like, x*(2+3)-y/5.

After input the values of variables x and y, you can get the result of the formula by pressing =.

It is easy to calculate like tips, tax and etc.

You can create your own formulas by click menu->edit, then save it. menu->load to use


Chemical formulas lite Chemical formulas lite v0.63.13374.83567

The little app has a chart of about 25 chemical formulas. Have fun


Quick Dice Roller Quick Dice Roller v2.1.4

Quick Dice Roller is an app made for the tabletop RPG Geek. It allow to emulate almost all the complex dice rolls required by those games.

Quick Dice Roller aims to be flexible, complete and handy at the same time.

With Quick Dice Roller it is possible to roll a die with a simple touch, scroll the results list, link results, apply modifiers on the fly and much, much more.


Solitaire Classic Solitaire Classic v1.2.1

Solitaire Classic is the most intuitive and beautiful Solitaire game available for Android!
If you liked playing Solitaire on Windows to pass time you are going to love this game.


Trigonometry Quick Reference Guide Trigonometry Quick Reference Guide v1.0.1

Trigonometry Quick reference guide has all the important formulas and concepts covered to help the student review them on regular basis.


CardiAxis CardiAxis v1.0

CardiAxis, the application will calculate the direction of the electrical axis of the heart without drawing vectors.


All in 1 Converter All in 1 Converter v1.6

this is all in 1 converter. it convert various unit of type such as length,mass,volume,speed,temperature,torque,current,tip .


MathKit MathKit v1.3.2

Formulas at your Fingertips


GrandTools GrandTools v2.1.5

GrandTools-great app for students.