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This app tethers your cell phone internet connection to your PC. The connection between your phone and PC is an ad hoc wifi connection.
This app only works with phones that have root/super user access.
Here is a few notes about the application...
* To install this application, download it from the market and install it. Click the download link below from your phone.
* To start the tethering just click on the start tether button.
* To stop the tethering just click on the stop tether button.
* Your Wifi will be turned off for this application. If your wifi is on, this app will turn it off when you hit start and then turn it back on when you hit stop. Your wifi will actually be on when this service is running, but in ad hoc mode as opposed to the normal mode, so you will not see the wifi symbol, you may notice your battery drain faster.
* After the wifi tethering service starts, you can connect to your phone from your pc. There will be an ad hoc network with a SSID (wireless network name) of Android, this can be changed in the settings. Connect to this ad hoc network (you may have to enable connections to ad hoc networks).
* As your PC(s) connect you will see them come up in a DHCP clients list below the start and stop buttons.
* You can also enable MAC filtering, so that you can limit what can connect through your phone. To do so, add MAC addresses to the MAC filter list and then select Enable MAC Filtering from the Options Menu
* To add/remove MAC addresses to the filter list, you can either long click an item from the DHCP clients list or you can select the View MAC Filter List from the Options Menu
* This program makes your phone act as an ad hoc Wifi NAT router with an IP of and will give your PC a DHCP lease of 10.0.1.x, you can change these settings
* This app is now released and stable, but if you have any problems or see any bugs post send me an email. Contact me through the market contact info.
* View the licensing page for licensing details.

Visit http://www.androidactivity.com/tetherWifi.html for more details


Parental rating: 
Not rated
Default language: 
Terms And Conditions/Copyright: 

Read the end user license here before installing the application...



Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.6
Requires features: 
Screen portrait, Touchscreen, Wifi
Requires permissions: 
Access wifi state, Change wifi state, Internet, Read sync settings, Wake lock, Write sync settings

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Really Slow

Installed on Sprint EVO and the connection is painfully slow via laptop wifi. If i use a USB tether application with the same phone it is fast. Any suggestions?

I emailed dev, he didn't reply

So I am wondering the same thing, and when i emailed the developer, he didn't respond. Who knows if he is even maintaining this app anymore.

Android 2.0/2.1 plans?

Anybody know if this works with any of the Android 2.1 flavors? I'm running CyanogenMod 5.07 (test5) and it doesn't seem to work anymore. It ran fine with the 4.x versions of CyanogenMod but they used Android 1.6 as the base OS.

It can be a little

It can be a little complicated to get set up the first time. Visit the website at http://www.androidactivity.com/ for more info and contact me, the developer, with any issues, questions, or problems.

can't get it to work

I've been trying for an hr or more and I can't get this thing to work. I'm on vista 64bit. what am I doing wrong?

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Reviews of tetherWifi


I bought this application for my LG-GT540 (android 1.6) but it does not work. I do not see the SSID from my laptop or any other interface (iPhone, or another laptop and phone).

So I tried Barnacle Tether Wifi (free) no problem, I can see the SSID from my laptop and I connect with no worries

So I bought for $ 8.95, a app which not working. Me which had think have less worry with to purchasing of this app.

I am disappointed but i can not go back but I won't let that happen to me again.

If you have a solution to solve my problem I'm still taker.

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