Really Slow

Installed on Sprint EVO and the connection is painfully slow via laptop wifi. If i use a USB tether application with the same phone it is fast. Any suggestions?

Android 2.0/2.1 plans?

Anybody know if this works with any of the Android 2.1 flavors? I'm running CyanogenMod 5.07 (test5) and it doesn't seem to work anymore. It ran fine with the 4.x versions of CyanogenMod but they used Android 1.6 as the base OS.

I emailed dev, he didn't reply

So I am wondering the same thing, and when i emailed the developer, he didn't respond. Who knows if he is even maintaining this app anymore.

can't get it to work

I've been trying for an hr or more and I can't get this thing to work. I'm on vista 64bit. what am I doing wrong?

It can be a little

It can be a little complicated to get set up the first time. Visit the website at for more info and contact me, the developer, with any issues, questions, or problems.

wifi tether

I have the tether installed but but still cant get on is there a step i am missing I have a dell laptop help!!

App out of stock?

What is application out of stock? That kinda defies the kind of logic I was always taught to believe about a file of sorts...

Publisher has been informed

Each app sold is being tracked with a unique number set by the publisher/developer. When these numbers run out, app appears as out of stock. This is another measure to assure to publisher that SlideME is indeed distributing what we claim.

Re-visit shortly.

Good to know

Good to know, thanks very much George. I appreciate the quick response!!

cant tether

I got 1.5 rooted trying tether

Purchase with SAM

To purchase applications, you need to download SAM first.

paying for app.

how the hell do you even pay for a app? been on this site for over an hr & cant fuigure it out .

Painful to buy, where can I try?

I've spent a good hour signing up for this SAM program, and still your app does not show up under "communications". I'm not so keen on paying for your app before I try it. About 80% of the other apps I tried on Android didn't work well.

Any thoughts? So far this has been a big waste of time.

Works but cant utilize it 100%.

For everyday browsing this app works and works well, however, if you plan to use it heavily, be forwarned that it only works depending on your battery strength. (see below for what I mean)

I tried to download a large file (about 700MB) and walked away from my PC. I came back with my phone off and the red/amber light on. As it turned out, the G1 with tethering enabled and using 3G, pulls more power then the AC adapter or the USB cord can provide, so your battery is still ever so slowely being drained while you use your G1 in tethering on 3G. Mind you this is only when the connection is being utilized heavily. Everyday browsing of loading a webpage and then another, there is enough time in between the load on the G1 that the battery pretty much stays at a flat charge of whatever its currently at (so when its plugged in, you dont loose any or gain any of the battery). Its only when you "hammer" the connection or use it heavily does it slowely drain which if you leave it and let it drain, it will eventually shut off the phone once the battery gets to 0% (keep in mind the phone is still plugged into the AC charger or via USB, both do the same).

I didn't try edge because edge is 1/10th the speed of 3G and not worth it to me. I do use "AnyCut" to use the phone settings and force 3G connectivity. Wether or not that has an effect on the drain Im not sure, but I just get tired of the phone switching back and forth between 3G and Edge if I dont force 3G, this makes the 3G very stable with 2 bars when forced. When running optimal, I get about 1-1.3Mbit out of the 3G which is very nice for browsing and downloading fairly large files. But anything too large and the battery will drain completely eventually.

For everyday browsing though, it works well.

Essential app!

Wow, what a pleasure... This app is ideal for anyone like me who travels quite a bit and doesn't always have access to or want to pay for WiFi access. Now, without needing to install or configure any new software on my laptop, I can connect via WiFi to my G1 and access the 'net via 3G. No annoying proxy settings or web-only access; I can ssh and access my email via encrypted tunnels, etc, etc.

Best of all, works as advertised. Load the app, click 'start', connect to the 'G1' wireless (ad-hoc) network from your laptop, and browse away. This app is a must for anyone with a laptop.