In Maildroid I can't use Astro file Manager to save Attachments

Hi, new to forum. I posted this in Developers forum by mistake and no replies. I'm hoping to reach a developer. I love the Maildroid app for my email, the only problem I have is saving attachments with it. I can view them, but when I try to save or save as, it gives me 3 different file manager apps such as AndExplorer to load to do that. I use Astro File manager and like it. Is there any way to incorporate Astro to save email attachments?
Hope to have a paid version of Maildroid, Ads aren't too bad, but would pay to not have them. Great app though guys.


I would love to add Astro, but I need the developer of astro to add 'intents' to allow me to do that. I had asked the astro developer a while back, but it never happened :-(