Weird analytics from app's SlideMe version

I have recently added a game to the SlideMe store and am receiving strange analytics. It's not that the analytics aren't reporting as I would fully understand if many of the devices aren't actively online during play. It's had several hundred downloads but it seems that almost nobody gets past the main menu. The game has been available on Google Play and Amazon for a number of months and analytics from those versions show a very different story. They show the average play duration on the free version to be 10 to 15 minutes and it's extremely unusual to see someone start the game and not actually progress past the main menu. The game is compatible with phones and tablets and works on all Android versions from 2.3.3 upwards.

I've had a few unexpected crashes reported through Google Analytics from the SlideMe version, too, which I've been unable to recreate. I've added workarounds for these which should solve the problem. It seems to me that maybe devices that have SlideMe as their native store have a problem with my game, but nobody has actually reported this to me. Also, I would have expected at least a handful of negative comments if that had been the case.

The game comes in two flavours - a free (lite) version and a paid (full) version. I would very much appreciate it if someone could have a quick run through the Lite version ( just to see whether there are problems that aren't showing up on my mainstream HTC/Nexus/Samsungetc devices. Just testing a few options from the main menu (instructions, credits, tutorial, single player) to see what's going on would be very much appreciated.