SlideLock2 issues

I have an Android app which uses SlideLock2 for almost a year as a copy protection. It was working quite well at the beginning. However now I'm starting getting users requests that they paid for the app but the app shows the "Unlicensed" message when they try to use on an another device.

They install SAM on another device. Try to download the app. SAM says that the app already been purchased and downloads it for free on a new device. Then they run the app but SlideLock say that the license is invalid. SlideLock uses IMEI/WiFi MAC address to lock device. So if the user uses another device he will always get license problem.

- SAM should allow to buy another copy for the same user
- SlideLock2 should not be device locked (like Android Market copy protection)

can someone answer this

can someone answer this question, i am concerned now too