Developer Licensing API vs. SlideLock

I'm confused as to the difference between the SlideMe Developer Licensing API and SlideLock2. The API seems to require that we have our own server for authentication, but does SlideMe2 require that also, or is that a service that just handles everything? Do I need both the API and SlideLock2?

DLI v's SlideLock

SlideLock is an SDK that you need to embed within your App that protects your app from being forwarded to another device or agnostic user. SlideLock depends on a transaction to exist for the purchase by the user.

DLI is used when you have your own licensing server that hosts keys that you need to issue to your users upon a successful purchase based on actual deviceID from buyers device. DLI will communicate to your licensing server during the transaction processing and at the same time we send to your server the deviceID and your server will respond with a key. This key we then inject within the email receipt/invoice that is sent out to customer for the purchase they made. The customer then uses this key to unlock the app. You will only use DLI if your app(s) require some unlock key. With DLI its like we forward the key that is generated by your licensing server.

If you do not wish to have your own licensing server and wish to have predefined keys you can upload such keys as "keys" within the Inventory tab. This approach will only work when you do not need actual deviceID for the device that just purchased your app(s).

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I was confused too

Thanks, I was confused too about this. But the key that comes with email to unlock, will it work on other devices too ? like I buy an application, now I have the key and I can use it everywhere ?