Maildroid - error 404

As part of my testing MailDroid 1.82, I also had the Android built-in mail app running too. Got a couple of messages and viewed them in the system mail app, then deleted them there. Went back to MD, messages still there, of course, showing as unread, so I did a refresh in MD. It started a sync, but then threw a 404. I would have expected it to simply remove any properly deleted messages from the display rather than show an error, regardless of where they were deleted, on the desktop, or another app. HTC Evo 4G on Exchange 2003 server.



Exchange server 2003 support was just released, so I expect there to be a myriad of small bugs like this. I do not check this forum often, please email me with details.

on synet7lp

This divice will not download apps or anydownload. It does not ecognize my sd. Will not update gives error 404. What can i do?