Review Greedy Pigs for Android

Game: Greedy Pigs Full
Version: 1.0
By: Net Mobile AG
Official Website:
Genre: Tower Defense Games
Date released: June 2011
Size: 10.4 MB
File: GreedyPigsFull.apk
Price: 0.99 EUR
Platform: Android

Review by: Mae and Jan

Opening words
If you love Tower Defense Games, this game is a real must try. Its unique design gives freshness to the genre. I have never seen a Tower Defense Game that has RPG essence in it before. So what is so unique about this game? Read on!

The Story
As written in their website- In Emerald Forest, the Dwarves were well-known as hot-headed kind-hearted little drunkards who owned a Magical Booze Barrel that can magically spring out bottles of tequilas or any other kind of Booze imaginable. The forest pig, Pigzilla and his -Zilla Buddy Bearzilla came to their camp to steal some Booze for the Forest annual Mini Zilla-Zilla Party. They got caught red handed and were stoned out of the camp. Hurted and humiliated, Pigzilla and Bearzilla ran and reported this case to Papa Hogzilla, The Zilla King. Hogzilla then gathered every Zilla in the forest. They vowed for revenge and swore they would never rest until every Zilla in the forest from Ostrichzilla to Hedgehogzilla gets to drink from The Booze Barrel.

The Gameplay
Greedy Pigs is a Tower Defense Game with RPG essences in it. Inside the game, I play as the Dwarves and my main objective is to protect The Booze Barrel from waves of monsters that try to steal from it. The monsters are very cute looking forest animals such as bears, ostrich, pigs, etc.
The RPG essences in the game are on The Dwarves. I can choose between three different professions, The Warrior, Hunter and or Magician for each Dwarf soldiers. And these Dwarf soldiers are able to level up, gaining more attack powers and range. Lastly, when the Dwarf has reached level 7, which is its final level, it will be transformed into Hero Dwarf and will have 2 special attacks which differ according to its profession.

One more thing that I like about Greedy Pigs is that it has 2 modes, The Story Mode and The Survival Mode, three worlds/scenes, and each world has 6 levels.
So in total each mode has 18 levels. The Survival Mode takes a hell lot of time to finish even just one level, because unlike in The Story Mode, The Survival Mode challenges me to ‘stay alive’ as long as i can during the game in each level. I have to be able to withstand hundreds of enemy waves. So far my record is only a total of 100 enemy waves.

Just like any other Tower Defense Game, Greedy Pig also has the fast forward, play, pause and zoom button.

Greedy Pigs also has The Global High Score System where I can compare my score with other players all over the world. That way people can know who the best player in the whole world is, and I also can compare scores with my family and friends online, they cannot lie to me about their scores since I can always see it on The High Score Board online (That is if they managed to make it to The High Score Board).

The Graphics
The Graphics are beautifully rendered in cartoonish style with fun, beautiful colors and kindergartener-like fonts. The maps/levels are also nicely done. Each map is unique and different to one another. I also like the soft pastel colors of Greedy Pigs, it gives the feeling of freshness, cheerful and fun.

The Audio
The sound effects and music are great. The Dwarves give immediate reply when I give them commands. I think the music fits perfectly with the game, making it more fun
From Gamer’s Perspective
From my perspective, this is a really one of a kind Tower Defense Game on android phone. It is fun to play, and totally worth the price (0.99 EUR)

To download the Lite/demo version of the game for free, please go to Net-m official website at:

Thank you so much for reading this review.

Mae & Jan