cant get certain things threw slideme including a different android market

Hey. I just bought my kids a klu by curtis lt 8088 android tablet for christmas. I was wanting to get them netflix app but it is not listed in slideme. I also have the app getjar but it tries to download everything threw slideme and then lslideme says everything is $null. I really want to get my kids netflix on here so any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

RE: cant get certain things threw slideme including a different


If you wish to use another market to your device, you are free to do so but realize that GetJar is not really a true market but just a listing for mostly apps on Google Play. So it will be of minimal use to you when your device does not come pre-installed with Google Play. This is why you cannot buy apps on GetJar, because again it is not a true market.

There are a variety of other android markets that actually host free and paid apps themselves and will not open SlideME to a null result like GetJar does. Do a simple search and you should find a number of other alternatives as well. We do not normally recommend other app markets, but know that you should be careful where you download from as they may not be safe. Some trusted android markets (besides Google Play) that don't conflict with the SlideME app are Amazon appstore, Mobango, and appsfire.

SlideME Team

Okay Thank you. I don't have

Okay Thank you. I don't have any problems with slideme other than I can't get netflix from there. Both my kids want netflix on thier tablets to be able to watch movies and stuff in there rooms. If i do get a different market place it will just be to get netflix. So thank you for the info I will try it later today and let you know if it works.

Dear Patrick, Thank you so

Dear Patrick,
Thank you so much for your help. I got the amazon appstore and got netflix with no problem. I have now uninstalled amazon simply because it keeps my credit card info on file and I don't want my kids to accidently pay for any apps. But I just wanted to let you know I got exactly want I needed thanks to your guidence.


Re: Leah

Hi Leah,

You are most welcome. And thank you for using SlideME.
Feel free to contact us again if need any further help.

Happy Holidays,
SlideME Team

Can't download apps from google store through SLIDEME

Dear Developers,

Im a new user of LG P500,, How to fix this problem?

when im lauonchng google store, it displays "process ('' .

no such apps can be downloaded from google play store thru slideme.

Please help.

RE: Can't download apps from google store through SLIDEME

Google Play is not a downloadable application, but is a competing marketplace that comes pre-installed on supported devices. There is no way to manually add your phone or tablet to Google Play’s supported device list, and you will not be able to use the Google Play website for your device if it is does not come with the Google Play application already.

Do consider if buying applications from a device that is not officially Google Play-enabled as refunds or access to redownload applications again may not be permitted.

If your device came with Google Play pre-installed and it is crashing, that is outside the scope of SlideME. You cannot download from Google Play through SlideME, or vice versa, as they are separate stores with separate apps.

nook color

I have a nook colorand it wont let me instal slide me apps
What can l do

RE: nook color

Try installing and using our latest SlideME Market app (SAM) to download apps. You can find it here:
There is a setting in the latest SAM that allows you to hide incompatible apps as well.

If the latest SAM doesn't work for you, you can try the previous SAM 4.62, which usually works when SAM 5.1x will not work or download apps properly. You can find it here:

game request

Can you please update your game apps to include candy crush saga and pet rescue saga please.
Tried to downoad these and slide me keeps popping up...very frustrating!!!!
Also, more choices for adults because most of your apps are geared for children I feel.
I have a craig 7" tablet that did not come with google play pre installed so if your competing that market place you should at least offer the same choices.

Thank you

RE: game request


We would love to have all of the apps available on our market; but as you may not be aware, it is the developers and publishers of those applications that submit them to the various Android Markets (including Google Play and SlideME). Though we try to reach out to developers to submit their applications to our market, you can also help by sending an email to those developers. Let them know you want to download or purchase their apps on SlideME and don't have Google Play or other store. The more requests they see, the more likely they will provide their apps to you securely through our market.

In regards to children apps, we do have a large audience that include younger users. So that affects a lot of the apps that are submitted to SlideME. The same problem as above is that what is available is also dependent upon what applications the developers submit to us. However, we can take heed of your suggestion and at least try to feature or promote more applications targeted to adults in our feature slideshows.

Thank you for your input,
SlideME Team