App version display

Hi, I noticed that after frontend upgrade app version is incorrect. I uploaded new version after frontend updated but on app page old version is displayed, yet on edit page correct version is presented.

With the latest release of

With the latest release of the portal, we are reading the version directly from the apk meta-data. This may not be synced up correctly in your case. We will check on it for you.

Version display issue

Well please check Blockx 3D app, the apk version is 1.1.6, version entered in edit form is 1.1.6 but version displayed on page is 1.1.4 (this was the last version uploaded before frontend change)

A few hours after the upgrade

A few hours after the upgrade we've found a bug which was preventing versions to be updated when app was edited (it was only working for new app submissions). We fixed that and also removed the redundant version field.

I just edited your apps and submitted the form and version now seems to be displaying ok (1.1.6).

Thanks for reporting.