I can i re-install an application that already been purchased?

I bought the tether wifi app (extremely useful) sometime ago but recently had to do a factory wipe of my device due to some stability issues. I downloaded the SAM manager and figured it would just let me re-install the app since my billing method hasn't changed and it was already purchased but apparently it doesn't seem to work like that, im just getting a purchase failed message. I need this app it has become a major tool for me actually but i have already purchased it i dont feel its fair have to but it again. the android market doesnt make you do that, is there something im missing or is there a way I can re-install this app without paying for it again

Re-downloads / Upgrades don't get billed

Upgrades are at no charge, unless the developer has opted to set a fee eventually for such an upgrade.

Even downloading the same application that has a history in your account that it has been purchased before, will not be billed again if you decide to re-download again. This is subject that you access from the same device.


I Purchased When It Was With Google Apps

I have a milestone XT-720 I purchased the better keyboard while it was on the Google/Android market, this product is no longer there, I could not find it ANY WHERE until I found SlideMe, So i'm asking you to send me a download link to the app at no charge to me, I have proof that I purchased it if you need it.