How to earn money with network traffic ads

I just had a chance to look in to site.
I also saw comarsion chart and looks far better than Admob ads by google. But the thing is I've already added admob ads to my app.

Here I also saw money through online traffic revenue earnings

Pleae could you check this below and explain me how I am going to ear money by taking some example based on online traffic
Monthly EU page impressions of your app: 1,000,000
Average EU CPC earnings: $0,20
Monthly US page impressions of your app: 500,000
Average US CPC earnings: $0,10
Average CTR (click-through-rate): 2%
Total revenue for your EU traffic: $4,000
Total revenue for your US traffic: $1,000
Total revenue with MobFox: $5,000
Total revenue with other ad networks: $2,000-$3,000

I could not understand the revenue through US traffic or EU traffic?
Can anyone know how do I earn by traffic?
So far I know that when user clicks on ads then I will earn some amount but this seems like new thing?

Please can any one help me...

Please can any one help me...

My explaination

I think here the EU or US traffic means the ad impression comes from EU or US region.

Technically mobfox can detect the incoming ad request region by their network provider or ip things.

If this is correct, the revenue part is easy.

EU: 100k * 2% is the real click count. *0.2$ = 4K$

Some ad provider provides some mech. to map revenue directly to impression times. I don't believe that. From my observation, it calculated from CPC either.