how to delete the account and credit card information

how to delete the account and credit card information

Contact Support

If you have any transactions, they need to be retained.

If you wish to have your account disabled, simply request this by contacting support.

Credit card information is not stored on SlideME, thus any such information is stored on PCI compliant payment processor (e.g bank side). If you wish to revoke the card setup, you can simply try to attempt to add another card and by not filling any details will blank your card setup information currently stored.

disable account

My android tablet died several months ago & it cannot be revived. Please disable my account since I am not going to replace the tablet. Thank you, Jayne

RE: disable account

Hello jayne,

Please open a support ticket to the General Helpdesk with the following form:

Request for your account to be closed, and be sure to use and include your username and email address.

Thank you.

credit card

I would like to delete my cedit cards from this account please.. I am afraid someone else may access my account from home. Or can you hide it?

no cards are stored


No card numbers are ever stored on SlideME. Your cards are stored in the funding source providers you used to initiate the purchase.

My username is written twice

My username is written twice as you can see,
I can't change my username.
There is no way to delete my account.
I don't know the supporting email to request deleting my account.

such a bad start,

Please help me fix my username.

This is a Support issue.

Please use to get help from support staff.

They will help you.


Should I also contact support?

I began the process to set up an account via my credit card, when I found out I could use my Amazon account instead. So I switched to an Amazon setup, and purchased an app. However, your service is still "Awaiting response from card processor", which I will never do. Does this mean my checking account password remains in your database indefinitely? Do I need to contact support to shut off this "awaiting"? TIA.

FYI (I just checked), my chkg account shows no $1 transaction from your service, so now I'm really stymied.


ezekielk, it seems you have tried to setup card 1st time and was done right but then tried again another two times (to Replace Card) but setup did not complete. The 1st attempt has been canceled.

FYI: SlideME does not store card information within its databases, as such payment processing is handled by external payment processors pages, where you submit your card details. SlideME only receives the last 4 digits of your card and expiry date for reference purposes.

We do suggest such sensitive information is shared with Support to assist you further.

Just followed instructions

Well, I read on this forum, that one way to cancel a credit card account, was to process a NEW card, leaving all info blank. Supposedly, that would eliminate the original account. So I tied it once...didn't work. Tried it again, still no success.

And that explains those two extra attempts. I am glad to know that the first attempt has been canceled. Didn't seem like that, though, when my settings claim your service still awaits a response from card processor.

Looks like your service is a bit sloppy and it was slapped together in a hurry, to accommodate a fast increase in customers.

Why would I need further assistance?