Flytouch 3 Newbie questions ...

Hi guys..

I will most likely buy this tablet : ... 27bca4c068

I don't want to spend more then 200 Canadian it a good buy ?

Is there anything i should be aware of ? ( Clone, Brand ..etc? )

It will be used for Blogging, Net surfing, Movie watching...and light gaming.

Secondly..I'm accustomed to Iphone. are the softwares on this site are mostly compatible with the Flytouch Tablet ? ( Like Iphone app versus Ipad ? )

or , again, is there anything I should watch for ?

Any help is welcomed !! :)


I wrote the seller about this is the answer :

dear friend,
thanks for your attention to our product.
we accept 14 days refund and 2 months replacement.
but I don't suggest you to purchase if you have higher expectation to it, because made in china tablet has technique limitation and return shipping cost from your country is very expensive
I appreciate if you could understand.
of course, if you'd like have a try, I also would like to do business with you.
have a nice day.
best regards,

Could anyone clarify this ..???? :(

Thanks in advance guys !!!