N64oid now asking for payment to update

Hi all,

I downloaded N64oid when it was free on SlideMe after I had paid for it and it was pulled from the "official" Android Marketplace.

Now there is an update available it says I have to pay $3.99 to get the update as there is no transaction history. As I already paid for this before Google pulled it and took advantage of the developer's generous offer to get it free for existing customers, is there anyway I can avoid the $3.99 update charge?


I'm in the same boat. It's

I'm in the same boat. It's asking me to pay to update. I purchased it from the android market the day it came out. Then downloaded it for free on slideme. Now I have to pay? Someone please explain.

Paying for updates - clarification

As you may have noticed FREE app downloads do not require login, so there is no way to associate a Free download to an account. This has its advantages (No friction - users are not required to create an account to download free apps from SAM or from Web), but also has its disadvantages as in your case.

Guess you can not please everyone with one model, but it is proven to be very easy & successful for many users to easily download free apps, but not for free app downloads to upgrade at no cost to a premium app.

As long as you have a Completed transaction associated for an app purchase, you are eligible for updates at no cost no matter how much the app price has increased.

Hi, I tried downloading

Hi, I tried downloading snesoid from slideme and I'm getting an error from adobe claiming the file is unsupported or it is corrupt. Any ideas? Thanks


just log into your storage locker on the SlideMe app and update it in there. FREE! :) i just found out myself and almost posted being all pissed off too haha ;)

This didn't work for me. I

This didn't work for me. I don't remember the process I went through to download N64oid in the first place from SlideME, but I do have a SlideME username (as denoted by me being able to log in now) and I don't remember setting it up. So I must have associated the download with this username.

Also bought from Marketplace before pulled.

Looks like I'm going to have to steal it from somewhere...

Same here

I purchased from the Android market before it was pulled and downloaded it when it went live here at slideme in order to avoid having to buy it again in the future.. and here we are. I am not paying again for an app that I already purchased. This is BS.