Using SlideLock without RightsActivity

Can we use SlideLock without having to use the Activity. Our application runs as a single task and we are having issues running the RightsActivity first because once that runs it does not check again. Can we just manually check for the rights within our code?

I'll put this into the queue

I'll put this into the queue on requests. I think this should be doable. I'll update you on time estimate.


I'd like to see a stripped down version which offers more control over the process. I would prefer a simple static method. Something like:

class RightsResponse {
public int errorCode = 0;
public boolean isAuthorized = false;
RightsResponse response = Mobentoo.checkRights(context, "${yourSlideLockKey}");

This way I can control the dialogs, persisting/caching the result, next step and any threading.

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I would also prefer to check manually, without the Activity. This way the app could start up as fast as possible and I could check authorization in the background.

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Hear, hear! It would be great to get more access to the RightsInfo...

SlideLock v2

SlideLock has been updated. Version 2 has been released.