Updating an application

I have an update to an application that is already published in the SlideME Market. But I can't seem to figure out how to update it; only upload a new application.

I seemed to have figured it

I seemed to have figured it out.

For those who have the same issue in the future:

While logged into your developer account, find your application and click "edit".

So simple!

Thanks, all.

Thank you

Simple if you know it, but not intutive..

Geez. I just pulled my hair

Geez. I just pulled my hair out looking for this. It can't be that hard to add a "My Applications" area, can it?

Impossible to update application. Link EDIT does not work!

Link "Edit" does not helps. I have clicked the link "Edit", filled the form, pressed submit-button and got error-message, saying that application with such name already exists.

So, I was unable to publish new version of my application.
Please help!

Thank you for sharing. It

Thank you for sharing. It helped me.


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