I want to put a paid version of my app in slideme market.

I want to know how do i go about adding slidelock in my app.

where do i get the slidelock key

i am new to the license and all and please tell me how the licensing system will work.

i have downloaded ur jar files and demobut just want to know how to do it in steps..


You will need to implement SlideLock within your application and set the same key (with no spaces) also on your App submission form.
Once the application is uploaded to SlideME, you will see an option to set the same SlideLock key and also set to Trial mode for your own testing once app is published.


so after uploading the app i can set it to trial mode where users won't be able to download it

Trial or Test Mode


If you check the "Trial" checkbox in our app publishing form, that means your application is in trial mode - ie, your application has limited functionality or is functioning for a limited period of time. We use this information to inform the end-users so they know what they are downloading, rather than being surprised of the application not being useful after a period of time, or having limited functionality.

If you are referring to the "Test Mode" flag, that means your application is not visible to the end-user, yet the SlideME Locking mechanism will grant valid license response to any SlideLock request.

In other words, you should use the "test mode" while you want to test integration with slidelock. Having "test mode" checked will allow you to install the application on a phone(not from SlideME, you have to provide the apk to your testers and install it through some other method), then starting the app you shall expect the invocation of slidelock license check to return valid license data/rights (like if everyone have purchased the application from SlideME, only the apk is not available from our site, but it is up to you to control who can access the app while in this test mode)

Once you are finished with testing, you must turn this flag off and release to the public. This will ensure that any further request to slidelock will return valid license response only if a successful transaction is found in our system.

Hope this helps. Otherwise feel free to provide more details for us to help you integrate correctly.

SlideME Team

can't get it to work


I am trying to integrate slidelock mechanism into a paid application I've published (I selected the 'Published' checkbox when uploading it) but I am not sure if it it's working right.

I chose my own slide lock key (let's say 09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910) which I entered in the 'SlideLock key' field and also selected the 'Provide a Key and enable SlideLock Test Mode.' checkbox while submitting the upload application form.

In my implementation I used this key (09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910) like this:
if (mSlideMeLicenseCheck == null) {
Log.i(TAG, "SLIDEME: Checking for license");
mSlideMeLicenseCheck = new SlideMeLicenseCheckTask(mActivity,"09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910") {
public void onPostExecute(License.Rights rights) {
if (rights == null) {
Log.e(TAG, "SLIDEME: Invalid license");
} else {
Log.i(TAG, "SLIDEME: Application license correctly verified");
mSlideMeLicenseCheck = null;
} else
Log.w(TAG, "SLIDEME: Already checking for license");

BUT when I install (manually) the application on my phone and run it I always get and invalid license from SlideMe servers.
What am I doing wrong?

Testing and publishing SlideLock'ed Applications


It seems that you have used the SlideME Demo Project from SlideLock Getting Started page to integrate SlideLock into your application.

As highlighted in Getting Started page, you should use the "SlideLockDemo" key to test SlideLock returning a valid license programatically, and any other invalid key to test it returning invalid license. Easiest way to do do that is by re-compiling your application; You may also opt for a programmatic RoundAndRobin SlideLock Key Generation mechanism (eg. pass first "SlideLockDemo", pass second "09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910", pass third "SlideLockDemo", etc.) or even other alternatives, as appropriate for your case.

In other words, to test your integration with SlideLock, you should replace your SlideLock Key from "09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910" to "SlideLockDemo".

In your code sample, change this line :

SlideMeLicenseCheckTask(mActivity,"09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910") {


SlideMeLicenseCheckTask(mActivity,"SlideLockDemo") {

Then you should re-compile the application.

If you start the application with "SlideLockDemo" key, your application will request the license from SlideME Servers, based on device unique identification and "SlideLockDemo" Key. Since our back-end is configured to return valid license data for this special SlideLock key "SlideLockDemo", your code should pass the license verification step successfully.

Also, when you upload the application to SlideME, you need to make sure that your SlideLock Key (as in your case, "09c35abe46e04e50a1540cf9178b7910") is filed under both, the SlideME Application Upload Form, section "License", under form field "SlideLock key:", and in your application's source code (SlideLock integration).

Also, if you want to test that your application functions well in production, you may purchase the application yourself and find it working in a real world use case.

P.S. You should always double-check that you have added the needed permissions in AndroidManifest.xml, as per our SlideLock integration tutorial.

Do let us know if more information is needed, or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

And let us know if it works!


SideLock and AIR for android

I've developed a flash based game for android, and now i'm wondering if the SlideLock can be used in such application, since i used actionscript 3 and not java?