Troubles with SlideLock

So if my license accepted, but where i can define rights?

someRights = myLicense.getRights("TestFeature");

it returns empty value

Do you mean Null value?

This should return non-null value on Emulator with deviceId "000..." as specified by SlideLock QuickStart guide, as long as you have digested the license as specified in the sample code.

Yes was null for test i should use key defined in a sample? (i was using the own key)...

Big thanks!

So there is another question =)
using debug i see there is :


signature: bf71ff...
permission: 97b315c...


"TestFeature" :


so, as i'm understand, if user buy application, and run on the device - myLicense.getFullRights(); will return license and user can use all features of application, but if user run from another device, fullRights will return null an user will have limited application edition? i'm right?

You are right

Although you are right with what happens when you try to run the application on another device, it is up to you, the Vendor/Developer, to decide if you allow the application to run with a limited set of features or if you are not allowing it to run at all, knowing that there is no legit purchase for that device.

Last question

Thanks for reply, so correct me if i'm wrong, if i'm copy and run application on another phone (who not buy application), then during checking license it will return Null as FullRights?

Yes? thanks


You are right. That is the expected behavior.

Thank You,
SlideLock Team