Application upload form usability issues and other annoyances

Hello SlideMe operators,

I tried sending the message below through your contact form, but that failed with "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted." (you can add this to the list of my complaints). So I'm posting it here in hopes that things will improve.

The original message:

I just tried to submit my application to SlideMe. 2 times. Failed. I kinda don't feel like trying again, but I'd figure I'll let you know of the annoyances I experienced.

The first fail was when I decided to check out 'More information about formatting options' link. Unfortunately for me, that did not open in another window or popup, but in the window with my partially filled upload form. Of course, when I hit back, all the fields got cleared. So I had to start over.

The second time I was almost done, and all that was left was to add a screenshot. But that resulted in a error popup appearing (sorry, can't remember the message) and when I dismissed it, a bunch of text (looked like json) replaced the contents of the webpage. And of course, hitting back brought me to empty upload form. This time I didn't feel like starting over from scratch.

I use Opera 10.10.

Would be nice if you could sort that out, I'll try uploading my app some other time.

Best Regards,

Try the Contact Form

You could make good use of the Help desk form to resolve such issues.

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-SlideLock Team

Application Upload issues

Sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.

Not sure what contact form you used if other than, but this seems to work for many.

If you want to try uploading again, I'd suggest the following tips:

  • For helpful links, you can simply right click to open in new tab.
  • Try to paste your app info from some other document that you may have already prepared in case you lose your submission.
  • Possibly try with some other browser and see if you get through...

In the meantime, will assure we take a look at the issues you raised and test also with Opera.

Sincere apologies for the trouble.

Application Upload issues

Thanks for the reply. Your suggestions are ok for a workaround and I would do as suggested if I was expecting any problems :)

Well, I'll be prepared next time I try uploading the app. Oh, and I tried to use the contact form at, but it rejected my message with the "spam detected" notification I mentioned in the original post.

I'll let you know if I experience any more weird issues.

Application Upload issues

Since Contact form consistently rejects any message I try to send to your help desk, I'll just continue posting here.

So, I tried uploading my app today. But I can't upload screenshots. I get the popup with following error when I hit Upload button.


An HTTP error 0 occurred.



And then a bunch of JSON text fills my browser window, starting with "{ "status": true, "data": "\x3cdiv id=\"edit-field-screenshot-0-ahah-wrapper\"\x3e\x3cdiv class=" and so on.

This happens in Opera (10.10 and 10.11). However, it seems to be working in Firefox.

So in the end I made a submission using Firefox. But things are not fully OK with Firefox. Contents of all forms get additional new lines. So when I get to edit my submission (or get the spam notification in contact form), all text fields contain additional new lines that were not there before (this is not happening in Opera).

Have a nice day

Setting up a Shop entry


setting up your application in a Shop is usually not a 5 minute job - even if you have prepared a marketing text before. Each and every shop has there own rules regarding html, text length, screen shot size [1] and other features.

You usually spend an hour or so to squeeze your marketing text into the various text boxes so they are accepted in accordance to the shop rules. If you have prepared one earlier that is.

As such a "save draft" which just saves without checking integrity would be more then welcomed.


[1] SlideME is the only shop I know of which automaticly resized the pictures. Thank you for saving our time here.