SideLock2 how it works

AFAIK mobile app sends license key along with IMEI or other stuff to SlideMe server and it sends back if that device has bought it(not user)

However, the creation of license key is completely depend on developers and that can be same as any other developer's key. There are some chances of it happening. Now wouldn't it be nice and more accurate, if SlideMe site generates the key on website when adding first step of uploading application. Later you can add binary files then publish.


Indeed, this could be a feature we could offer if publisher does not wish to use their own set of keys that they could be managing in their own systems for whatever reason that may be.

We can ease the process by generating the keys for publishers and they can still edit as they please since it will be checked upon submission; At this moment in time there is minimal interest to extend the licensing functionality based on static binary data as it adds no value to the feature.

Developer Licensing API vs. SlideMe2

I'm confused as to the difference between the Developer Licensing API and SlideMe2. The API seems to require that we have our own server for authentication, but does SlideMe2 require that also, or is that a service that just handles everything?