how soon will my free application be published?

Im new to SlideME,
and i would like to know how soon my free application will be published, i havent uploaded it yet though :)

And is there any charges for a free application developer?

Thanks in advance,

Approval process


Once you upload as a new developer your application it will be reviewed for approval. Expect within the same day or hours for it to be reviewed.

There are no fees applicable when uploading free or paid applications.

Thanks for the answer, and

Thanks for the answer,

and here is the second one: Does the listing/ranking of the applications on slideME, depend on the location?

Furthermore, can everyone download my app from all over the world?


Sure, the applications can be downloaded by anyone that uses our SlideME client. No country restrictions with SlideME.

Ratings are not location based.

My app

Hello, I got an application and waited two weeks to approve ... and still not approved it. WHY?

Re: My app

Are you sure you are following application guidelines here:

As well as on the Developer agreement shown on your applications' edit page. Note also, that junk or useless apps that don't provide entertainment or meaningful value are generally not approved.