Promotional material


My app called Snuggy was approved and I am getting a good response for my first app within a day.
So, firstly, thanks SlideME for the huge user base.

Now I want to use the promotional material in my twitter and facebook/google+ accounts. I think that these have to be embedded in the html. Is there a way to download these picture ads and post them to twitter/fb/google.

Please advise. Thanks :)

Re: Promotional material

Hello Souvik,

Unfortunately, since they are embedded HTML, they will not really function properly in Facebook or Google+. Taking a snapshot of your widget and posting an image with a link to your application on SlideME would not be accurate for the larger widgets since the data presented changes over time. Using a smaller image might be acceptable though.

Thanks, I realised that

Thanks, I realised that putting the app's web address does the trick on fb/google+.