I need to pay (Like google developer account) to upload free apps?

i like the Slide-me market (i've a Mediacom tablet that can't access the G.play) for the detection of the CPU of this tablet i've created a simple app (CPU Identifier) and now i want to download this app directly using your market)
I need to pay something to publish a free app?

Thx in advance for any info

Re: I need to pay


There is no up front cost to publish applications on SlideME, nor an annual membership fee for a developer account.

But you should be aware that there is an application approval process here at SlideME. All paid and free apps are reviewed by staff to make sure they meet our standards and quality guidelines before they are made available to the public on the market. You can find more information here:
Your application was still in the review process at the time of your forum post, but looks like it has been approved since then.

Also, once an application has been approved, it may take some time before it becomes fully propagated for download in all channels. Or, if you cannot download your application, there could be network issues preventing you. In either of those cases, try again later and see if the download works.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much Patrick!
i think this "feature" should be better advertised :) maybe some developer might choose Slide-Me instead of G-play.

P.S. just a little question, when i need to update a published APK.. i need to "remove" it and then re-upload the new apk?

Thank you again Patrick for your time