Password do not work

Why when I put my username and password in the tablet it do not work please help me

RE: Password do not work


If you are having problems logging into the SlideME (SAM) app, be sure your time and date are set correctly on the device.

If they are correct or you are not using SAM, please try a password reset with your email address via the website form:
If you have already tried the password reset, please try again and be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

If you receive an "Access Denied" message on the website or from the "Forgot Password?" button in SAM, that means you are already logged into your profile on the website. In this case, you can change your password from this "Access Denied" page by manually by clicking "My Profile -> Edit" under the right-hand "My Actions" menu of the website.

Upon requesting a password reset, an email will be sent with a temporary login link. Note that this is not a temporary password. Click the link in the email sent, then click the red login button in the webpage that is opened.

This will take you to your SlideME profile. You must immediately set a new password in the "Password" and "Confirm password' fields and click Save or you will not be able to login again without another password reset.

If you do not receive the email above, you may have a typo in your registered email address. Please provide your registered username and attempted email address so that we may try to correct this for you by using the Contact link at the top of the page to open a support ticket.

This question and other helpful info can also be found under the FAQ section, by visiting this URL:

Hope this helps,
SlideME Team