Parse error

Bought son a pandigital, and everytime he attempts to download apps through this portal it's giving him a parse error message "unable to parse package

problem downloading whatsapp

I can't download whatsapp

I have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Please help us.

Parse Errors

You will find such errors are caused due to your device or operating system version being incompatible with the app.

Not much that can be done unfortunately, until developers updates their app or you have a compatible Android OS/device.

Why does it say it is

Why does it say it is compatible in the first place then? I also have pandigital for my kids and receive the "parse error". Your answer isn't helpful there has to be some kind of help or assistance in this issue.

Pandigital users: Try sam4.apk

Please try the SAM ver 4.6 which has some filtering improvements.
1) Open your browser from your device,
2) enter this URL "" (without quotes)
3) the SlideME (SAM) app ver 4.6 will download.
4) once the file download has completed, click on it to install. (You can also find the Downloads from the browser menu).

Some of you Pandigital users (OS >2.1) maybe compatible with SAM v5 which you can try by testing with this URL : (to download SAM v5). If not, revert back to above steps to install sam4.apk

This has so far worked for

This has so far worked for me, thank you very much!

Same issue with my android phone

I am facing the same issue on my Datawind Pocketsurfer 3G5. The app starts downloading, then gets stuck, and then there comes an error which says there was a problem parsing the package. Same thing happened while downloading Clash of Clans. If it got downloaded in the first place, there is no doubt that compatibility is not the issue. Besides, after some time, the apps did download. The problem just comes and goes at its own wishes. I need solutions

Hello, You can download any


You can download any app regardless if it is compatible or not. Downloading in and of itself does not indicate whether compatibility is an issue. If you get an error during install, that is a compatibility issue.

apps not working

I bought ubislate 3g7 but the slide me is not responding