Frequently Asked Questions - Account Registration & Management

Before trying to reset your password in case of login failure, please assure your device is set to correct date and time. A device with incorrect date set, will be perceived as an "untrusted" device, therefore login will fail.

If you have registered via the Quick registration process using only your email, your username is generated by the system. System automatically logs you into SAM from which you can at anytime convert your account to a full account from within SAM > MyAccount (accessible from Menu).

For password retrieval, you can visit from your web browser or access this same link from SAM's Home Login/Registration page "Forgot password?" Enter your email address you used to initially register (either via Quick Registration or Normal-full registration. An email will be sent to your email address with a link, for you to reset your password to any password of choice. Always assure you make note if you used uppercase or lowercase characters in your password.

If you have not received an email to reset your password, check your spam mailbox. Otherwise it maybe that you entered an incorrect email or your email provider has not relayed the email to you. Assure you whitelist emails from SlideME.

Once you are logged in via the SlideME (SAM) app with your limited account, you can either convert by visiting MyAccount; or when you attempt to download any application you have yet to install onto your device, the full registration form will appear for you to complete.

Make sure you alter the system generated username from "fastreg_..." to something else of your choice. It is for this exact reason the field is editable from within SAM 5 and up. You can only make this change from SAM and only once since the change from Quick registration to Normal (full) account is a one-time conversion.

Yes, you can register and login using Facebook from the SlideME (SAM) app, just as you would from website.

You can create an account through one of the following methods:

* Login with your Facebook credentials (or any other external accounts supported)

* Create a ‘full’ non-limited account that will permit purchases

* Quickly create a limited account using the Quick-Registration process by clicking on 'Quick Registration' from within SAM app. It is important to note that such a limited account does not permit purchases nor downloads. You need to convert this account to a Normal (full access) account which you can also pursue from within the SlideME (SAM) app. (link to faq)

Login to the SlideME website, visit My Profile > Edit > Account and you will see a section labeled “Closing account: Click here if you want to close your SlideME account.”