What does SlideME offer?

SlideME is more than just a catalogue of Android Applications.

SlideME is the first Android Application Marketplace launched in April 2008 with its ‘on-device’ App-Store client SAM. Since then we have built a complex architecture to be able to provision ‘sub-Application’ Stores from Apps within the SlideME catalog for different markets. The various Channel Partners consist of the top tier OEM’s in the industry, ranging from the likes of HTC, Samsung, Motorola, HP, LG, Acer, Asus Garmin, Sony Ericsson, Olivetti, Pandigital, People of Lava, and many more device vendors and service providers.

SlideME provides a complete Managed App-Store Service™ to its Channel Partners, being the first to power Android devices beyond mobile handsets, such as tablets, MID’s, E-book readers, Android TV’s, whilst delivering compatible applications from SlideME's multiple distribution channels to such devices.

SlideME will be the only choice for device vendors and Channel Partners, to earn revenue from Applications sold via their SlideME Distribution Channel.

SlideME will be the first to power an Application Store for Android Smart TV’s. See the People of Lava blog post.

SlideME can be considered the single entry point for developers and publishers to submit their Applications for global distribution into various device types and across our multiple Distribution Channels.

SlideME is a global store with no country limitations – for both developers and consumers alike.

SlideME's application approval process rejects spam, repetitive, and junk applications that normally fill up other markets' catalogs, which allows for improved application discovery. Developers and publishers receive more attention to their applications, and users can locate higher quality applications more easily.