Can I protect my applications with SlideLock?

Yes, indeed. SlideME's SlideLock can help you with this.


Good evening,
I have some questions; when I upload my app
- As you control sales?
- As customers get the key to have the full version?

Thank you for your help

Other Questions

Thank you, with questions

- By filling out the W-8BEN form; to whom it should be sent.
- Who's Managing the W-8BEN.
- I'm a single developer, there is a problem if I'm single?
- How I can get tax information for my country (Guatemala).
- The price for my app, is free or you give a price limit.

RE: Other Questions


For the W-8BEN, this form needs to be sent to us (for our internal records only) before we can remit payment to you. This is quite a simple form to confirm to SlideME that you are a tax citizen/resident of your country. This form is signed electronically. More information can be found here, the last paragraph describes how to e-sign it and send to us:

You do not need to fill out the W-8BEN if you are providing only free apps. There is no price limit if you choose to submit a paid app, but our team may deny approval if your pricing is extreme. For example, a Mario style platform game in which you charge $99.00 USD, no one would purchase that so we would not approve at that price.

RE: questions


We manage the sale of your premium/paid apps for you.

When using SlideLock, the user activates a license online. There is no key sent to the user. The key you use for SlideLock is one you create privately to authenticate your app.

Hope that helps.