Top apps people would like to see on SlideME?

We are asking the community what top apps that they would like to see on the SlideME Marketplace. We will contact those developers and see what we can do on getting those apps stocked.

Feel free to post suggestions here.


Pls and thank you

Appbrain should be on the

Appbrain should be on the list. It also has a support forum where ideas are taken and implemented. I’d like to see AppAware merge with Appbrain. Please also add, snap photo pro, MSN messenger for Android and Robo defense. ;)


MyBackup Pro

MyBackup Pro

To be honest it would be

To be honest it would be awesome if you would start making this website faster. In Germany it takes over 7 seconds to load up! It is absolutely no fun browsing the apps on such a slow site. These things should have even more priority.

What browser are you using?

What browser are you using?


It's a bit on the slow side here in Portugal too. (Good broadband conection here + Mac computer + Firefox or Safari)


Would like to add Snap Photo Pro to the list

Documents To Go

Documents To Go by Dataviz (

They prefere to sell via Android Market... wich is not available (!!!) here in Brazil.


And yes, I agree with that visitor: this site is very good, loved it, very good alternative, but it's really very slow. (Good broadband conection here + Mac computer + Firefox)

Copilot Live

Copilot Live, thank you !



Apps and a Game

Apps: NitroDesk TouchDown and DataViz RoadSync

Game: AirHockey


MSN messenger for Android n

MSN messenger for Android n of cox aviation weather applications (TAF n METAR)

N of cox those applications available on Android Market.

Thank you.

Black list

Dear All,

Please can you add the black list or block calls, call manager, to enable me to give busy tones for the calls that i dont want, it is available in the Android market and we need to have it on Slide ME LLC please.

What is the name of the

What is the name of the app?

Also, what does 'LLC' mean?



Dear All,

Can we have the Ebuddy application available on the Slide ME please

Twidroid PRO

It would be nice to have twidroid pro here. I'm using a free version currently, and the only thing i'm missing is widgets, that are available only in pro.

Fingerprint recognition

It would be great to have a lock screen that takes fingerprints to unlock

how do you propose that the

how do you propose that the phone scans your fingerprint?

Robo Defense

Robo defense, they're one of the most popular apps on the android market, and their blog says they are looking for a safe distribution method outside of the appstore for people without access to paid apps.

Second that

Great game!

Games I want to buy

Robo Defense, Skyfire, Crystallight defence, Dungeon Hunter HD

isyncr 4 mac

to sync iTunes from a mac

iSyncr for Mac

I've just added this application today.



iSyncr app

What is unlocked (or extra) with your paid version?


Space Physics

A great game I'd be happy to pay for.

Large Screen Support

I would like to see a section devoted to apps that run on larger screens, not just phones. For example, the Entourage Edge, which i will own next week.


I would love to be able to get skype or skype lite .

Till we get Skype we could

Till we get Skype we could maybe get TRUPHONE for Android.
This is on the Android Market and I would love it here to.


With video please


I am trying to load SlideME under even less challenging conditions, being in California using different broadband providers at different times, including Comcast, Earthlink and AT&T: but I find the busy cursor keeps spinning for much too long, too. Of course the situation must be worse for people living in distant countries, the very people SlideME is trying to serve the most!

I don't see the worst offenders for slow browser rendering, Flash in the downloaded page, so I am not sure what the problem really is: but I am suspicious of your Javascript. Is it being served up as quickly as the static contenton your site? What about your Drupal?

What about the ads? Are you allowing ads from a third party to be as slow as the third party is careless enough to let them be?


I'd really love it if you could get the game Zenonia on here. It's probably the best game on Android so far.

CPS2 Emulator

please acquire the android CPS2 Emulator from JRIONI;s a big thing over here to get that thanks..

home ++

I saw in here in slideme apps. That on the category of utility there is name home++ but wen i top the apps. Its says no application found what is that
Aim using experia x10i U.A.E
OS 1.6
based band 1.0.14

Mystique 2 + 3 please

I liked the first chapter of Mystique and would love to see ch 2+3 on slideme.

IPMI 2.0

a app that i could use to controll any IPMI 2.0 interface.

functions wanted first is "power-on" "graceful-shutdown" "power-cycle" "power-off"

Application Requests for SlideME

Thanks to all for such requests.

As you may know, it's not only up to SlideME to acquire such content. It's up to developer to consider stocking SlideME to distribute their apps globally. With users help (such as yourself), by contacting developers and letting them know that you don't have access to Android Market, but have SlideME instead, will most likely trigger their interest to upload to SlideME also. We make some efforts, but we can not contact all of the developers/publishers alone. So your help, will be a great contribution. Let the developers/publishers know you use SlideME.

Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager


Android widget operator.


Pls we want skyfire 2.2
Why skyfire only in market place why not in the slideme apps...

More Games!!

Provide more games.. !!


Print to Bluetooth or network printer would be fantabulistic. Right now, I have to actually use WIRES **bleh**

Phonebook 2

I'd be very grateful if you could look into including this app from voxmobili.

I'm in China and have no access to Android Market on my Motorola XT800.

I've written to voxmobili and asked for their help in getting a direct link to the app, but received no response.

more games

more top games; lite and full versions

Tetherring apps like...

Please upload the following app named "Tethering Widget". The developer is Alek Chmyr

Category of applications for Netbook !!

Any application that is compatible with Netbook !

Meaning compatible even if some hardware is not present (no GPS, no accelerometer, no GSM, no 3G ...)


Games created by polarbit, camel and orange pixel

These developers have some really great games out there, but I don't live in a country that can access paid apps on the marketplace. I'm happy to pay for quality apps and support these developers, but I can't unless they're on slide me.

Chance for slideme to overtake android market

For some dumb reason the official android market doesn't have a payment scheme in most of the world. What? those guys never heard or pay-pal or visa? this is a great chance for slideme to make inroads into the countries which have android phone but don't have access to paid apps on android market. Slideme, don't miss this chance of a lietime.

Requesting more applications

I would like to request the following applications on SlideME please:

1. Dropbox
2. Evernote
3. Flash Player 10.1
4. Lookout Mobile Security Free
5. Google Chrome to Phone
6. IMDb Movies and TV

Thank you!

Better options than ANDROID MARKET

SlideME that has the applications of Android Market.
as well as some more & better applications that is not available in Android Market. SlideME should be better than to Andoid Market specially in Middle East.

Nanigation program CopilitLive

SlideMe market is only unique chance for me for buy application in my country. One kind of it is navigation program. I kindly ask you to contact ALK Technologies and put their program Copilot Live at your market. Offline navigation and POI in Copilot Live gives any end user best money economy during traveling abroad. Don't forget about roaming cost.