Top apps people would like to see on SlideME?

We are asking the community what top apps that they would like to see on the SlideME Marketplace. We will contact those developers and see what we can do on getting those apps stocked.

Feel free to post suggestions here.



xscope Browser (for 1.6)

I need xScope browser (1.6) and 1-finger zoom

Top apps people would like to see on SlideME

HandySafe Pro


I would love to see a songbook app on here. That is acually the reason that I bought an ePad. Would like to be able to save chordpro files from to the sd card and create setlst from the files for offline viewing. MYsongbook for iPhone is the model i am refering to.

text plus

would seriously appreciate if you can get text plus

two apps that i realli need

whats app messenger and gurbani anywhere ...det both r available fr android but i wud like to download it through slideme since android market is banned in the uae

angry birds

i luv that game


i want skype to its 1 app ive been trying to get since i got my new phone

TiKL - Touch To Talk (PTT)

i luv this app n have been w8ing for a very long time to get it

Drive space

Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't find a place on my tablet that tells me how much space is used on the internel drive, SD card, etc. It would be handy (and may already exist since I'm very new to this--got my tablet just yesterday ;-)). Even the Properties don't show space, total or used.

DopeWars Underground

DopeWars Underground (The Game)



skype,and google voice


I don't know how many families use easy site but there is an app for ipod, ipad, etc. to allow you to upload pictures from your Droid (mine is an x). I would definitely pay as I am sure would others as there is no other application out there and with the market droid is going to cover, it seems a shame. Thanks, Phyllis in Hawaii android application

I have an LG android bough in UAE and I cannot access this app. It would be great if slideme provides access to this app.


This would be a good addition to your catalogue

Flash Card Maker Pro

How do I go about submitting my Android apps to this website. My flashcard app has been on the market for several months but does not appear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Wishlist of apps

lots of free games
Angry birds (all versions)
Bank Of America
Documents to go
Slice it
Tea Timer
and anything fun for my new toy (Sylvania Tablet)

Thanks :)

we hope to see the below soon:

alkass TV
many thanks to you all

Comics (from ComiXology)

ComiXology has one of the largest collections of digital comic books. They just released an Android app this week.

Angry Birds!

Since this is the system that is loaded on the Sylvania 7" mini tablet that is being sold in stores like Toys R Us this Christmas, more kid-friendly games and apps would be greatly appreciated.
Angry Birds is #1 on my list

Adobe Flash 10.1

Could some one please tell me how to
get Flash 10.1 on an Android 2.2 apad?
When I go to my favorite magazine it
does'nt want to load it onto my apad.


ADW Launcher
gmail app
facebook app
app brain
just to name a few

top apps

would like to see a better calendar app that I can add my appointments to

also ereader compatible with nook downloads. i have nook account but cannot find an app to read my downloads with.



dolphin 2.1 released...pls update it on slideme

dolphin 2.1 released...pls update it on slideme

Some apps. I'd like to see

There are some apps I find available through Android Market only.

-Opera Mobile (not Mini, which is available here)
-Angry Birds ;)

There is another matter I've like to see corrected, namely apps themselves using Android Market internally. For example, I've downloaded Dolphin Browser here, but to install extensions, it requires MarketApp which I don't have. I guess app authors should be persuaded to stop that.

Find apps by OS

i have android 1.6 so generally i can use any app for Android 1.6 or less. is there any way to search by OS?


Can we have an E-bay App please....

Infinity Blade

The 3D RPG game that is featured on the iPhone app store, "Infinity Blade".

WKYT radar

I would really like to see this app put on slide me because it is a kentucky weather radar that gives you alerts when dangerous storms are headed your way. I would greatly appreciate it.


Is there an Adobe app so I can better read Adobe documents

apps on slideme

Would be nice to see more chinese language apps, like Hanzi recognizer. Great site. Love the choice.
Keep up the good work. thanks.

i like the sam market...but

i would love to have more access to the Android market well as OpenOffice or some like it i am not a fan of windows and hate microsoft office all together( i use it because i have to)..other then that i love sam its very cool

Top Apps on SlideMe

What about Netflix? It just won't run on my Zeen Tablet--even though I can access the website. I do have an account with Netflix.

Angry birds & Evernote


Nintendo DS Emulator

An emulator for Nintendo DS, created by yongzh, with all the functions GameBoid has.

Netflix App

I would like to be able to watch Netflix on my Netbook that is not tied to cell phone carrier

Need Apps

I would like to see Words with Friends. You have the cheats but not the actual game.


Netflix would be great


We would like to see netbook apps listed separate from phone apps as we do not have a touch pad. The searches do not work in filtering them at all.

We can't be the only ones with a netbook. How do the rest of you deal with this?

new app

software to see utube movies on my tablet

New year greetings

i am a member of your website
do u also serve Asian Market
have u tied up with producers from Asia.
with best wishes
a j prakasam

Angry Birds?

Why is there Angry Birds Ad blocker apps but not the actual Angry Birds game?


I wish I could watch netflix and xfinity on my nextbook. I pay to have these services and I was really disapointed that I can't use them. They have it for Android but not for my tablet. :( and i found it very hard to post a comment here.

Apps for Business

I would like to see
Square Up
Go Payment Intuit
That's all i can think of right now.


I would really like Skype on my tablet!


Firts of all u need like need to put Netflix asap

apps i want to see


I love these apps. But they are not on SlideMe

Candy Crush

I desperately need Candy Crush.


Emulators for nintendo ds, gameboy etc ;)