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Ramblings on Google's Android Market and Fragmentation

Mark Murphy wrote an interesting piece about fragmentation in Android. I didn't really agree with much of it but it did get me to thinking about how the space in Android is evolving compared to J2ME (Java ME).

I was the software architect for T-Mobile back a number of years ago, working on their J2ME platform launch. So I've got some inside perspective.

On Why Google Doesn't Care About Paid Applications

Many developers, including myself, have wondered why Google doesn't put more emphasis on helping developers promote and sell their applications. At the launch of the Android Market, Google didn't launch with carrier-based-billing (they turned down this option, preferring to use their own Google Checkout at a later date). This decision forced many developers to give away their applications.

We all know Google would love to see more applications bought, driving in even more applications; but when it comes to backing this up with money and resources, Google seemingly falls short.

Android Developers International & Tax Consultation group created. Time to take action!

Now that developers are aware that each developer is the one selling to the end user and its not Android Market selling to the consumer, developers need to seek International Tax Experts advise and structure accordingly.

This group Android Developers International & Tax Consultation to take action has been created.

On SlideLock, Mogees and Android Market App Protection

Early last month, just a few days before our intended release of paid applications on SlideME, someone raised the issue on the Android lists about whether our apps were protected from copying. I had naively assumed that Google protected the installed application space; and after a quick check found out that this was not the case. A Google engineer also confirmed this on the lists. You could pull off any installed app using the Android developer tools.

Android Market Application Security Hacked

It took less than 12 hours for someone to find a hack for removing "protected" applications from the phone. It's amazingly easy.

"Android Market" opened but not 'open' enough for some frustrated international developers

A few days ago, Android Market launched but not open to the international developers that are looking for ways to Publish their applications channeled via agents. Such agents could help since they will be in a jurisdiction where Google allows stocking onto their market.

Discussion by developers considering alternative ways to stock onto Market

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