Android Developers International & Tax Consultation group created. Time to take action!

Now that developers are aware that each developer is the one selling to the end user and its not Android Market selling to the consumer, developers need to seek International Tax Experts advise and structure accordingly.

This group Android Developers International & Tax Consultation to take action has been created.

Purpose is to keep all practice legitimate and not put the developer under the tax authorities spotlight. All funds raised will be sent to the experts the group decides upon and have been tried in this field and aware of IP, nexus, International & State Tax, EU VAT, plus more that will be discussed. Unfortunately, there is hardly any feedback or assistance from Android Market’s team at Google, so developers need to take control since Android Market is merely a Google Checkout store and nothing more. Small developers need to handle all such issues on their own now and purpose of this group is to be able to aggregate all the help we can get and raise funds for skilled consultants.

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