Tapatile Tapatile v1.0.0

Just raise or lower all tiles on game board. Sounds easy? But it's not!


Teeter Slope Puzzle Teeter Slope Puzzle v1.21

Tilt a board puzzle fun game!


Ludo Parchis Classic Edition Ludo Parchis Classic Edition v1.00

Ludo Parchis Classic is a board game for two up to four players, in which the players race their four tokens.


- Multiplayer (up to 4 players)
- Play with friends
- Play against Android

- Rolling dice using real physX, bouncing of the sides
- Dice changing color according to color of actual player on turn

- Name the players

- Auto move when there is only one possibility


Rasta Rainbow Rasta Rainbow v1.0.0

Do you wanna have a sweet day in a fun brain challenging way? If so, then Rasta Rainbow is the game for you. In Rasta Rainbow you remove groups of 2 or more characters in a 10 by 10 grid.


Mini Golf Mundo Mini Golf Mundo v1.0

Put your ball around these challenging 18 hole mini golf courses in “Mini Golf Mundo”.


Mahjong Destiny Mahjong Destiny v1.0.2

A young maiden must meet up with her true love. However, there are many puzzles that must be solved along the way. Enjoy this mahjong solitaire game inspired by the works of Irish poet Thomas Moore.


Drag Racing Drag Racing v1.0

3D Drag racing game with HD Graphics.


Catchy Tunes Catchy Tunes v1.0.0

What a great way to wind down after a long day! In this unique and relaxing game you catch notes as they float around the screen.


MarineTroopAttack MarineTroopAttack v1.0.2

Your Aim is to Shoot the bad guys and accomplish missions.
- 3D graphics
- Series of Missions
- Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!
- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS
- More Missions coming soon!
- Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!
Don't miss a single Shots!
Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!
Download Marine Troop Attack.More Updates are coming soon


Pony Puzzle Pony Puzzle v1.0

Free classic jigsaw puzzle game with cute little ponies, test and improve your puzzle solving skils!
Pony Puzzle is fun and educational, great for any age both adult and children.

- Many levels of jigsaw puzzles with little ponies.
- Unlock and save the wallpaper images of your favorite little pony.
- Beautiful HD graphics with featuring the cutest little pony.

If you like puzzles, mind and brain training games this is a must have, especially if you like cartoon little pony.


Candy Blast Adorables Candy Blast Adorables v1.0.3

Unite of the sweetest game and the cutest characters


Chamber of Concordance Chamber of Concordance v2

A minimalist reflection based ball game…


Proof of Quilt Proof of Quilt v1.2

Free puzzle game Proof of Quilt for Android.


Dream Book free Dream Book free v1.1

Dream Book - interprets the symbols are the language of dreams.


ProgCalc ProgCalc v4.1.1

The application (calculator) helps the programmer to transfer numbers between different number systems and the implementation of these operations of the algebra of logic. It also helps people who study computer science in schools and universities.


Slime Runner Slime Runner v1.0.4

Welcome to Slime Runner!
Help the slime to collect all different kinds of candy!


Map This Way Map This Way v1.0.1

An application that lets you use your GPS equipped Android device as a mapping tool.


TinyTanksWarfare TinyTanksWarfare v1.35

Defeat enemy tanks and overcome challenging obstacles in tiny tank warfare. 100 levels through 4 worlds with lots of upgrades and power-ups for your tank. Can you battle your way into space?


Vegan Defense Vegan Defense v1.1

Help Vegezio to defend the animals! Convert carnivores into vegans!
A tower defense game based on vegan principles.


Fast Jump Fast Jump v1.0

Test your swiftness and reflexes with this non stop running cube