iKids Mozaika iKids Mozaika v1.5

Mosaic for children from 2 to 10 years.


MooBox MooBox v1.0

Meet the lovely animals of the farm !


Blow your Way Blow your Way v1.3.0

Blow Your Way is taking Tower Defensegames to the next level making your defenseobjective travel thru the real streets of Manhattan.


Smart Call Notifier Smart Call Notifier v1.2

Smart Call Notifier is a Missed Call Manager having Multiple features like showing Missed Call alerts,notifications, Mute Telemarketing numbers with one click, and send customized busy SMS Automatically to individual users.


Traffic Racer : Classic Traffic Racer : Classic v2

Take scissors live traffic Classic Cars You would not find in real life


Tyrion's Winter Tyrion's Winter v1.0

A musical rhythm game where you play as Tyrion defending the land, personally.


Bricks Bricks v2.0

The game Bricks random figures fall from the top in a rectangular glass. In flight, the player can rotate the figure and move it horizontally. You can also "accelerate" figure, that is to accelerate its fall, when it has been decided where the figure should fall. Figure flies until stumble on another figure or a bottom of the cup. If the filled horizontal row of 10 cells, it disappears and all that is above it falls on one cell.
The game is available in three levels of difficulty.


Catch Catch v1.0.1

Catch ! Simple & difficult arcade game consisting of circles and a rotating hook


Penguin Run 3D HD Penguin Run 3D HD v1.01

Penguin Run 3D HD


MysteryLandHiddenObject MysteryLandHiddenObject v1.2

A mystery hidden object point and then click on object to find.It might be puzzle you and adventure.Lots of items with multiple levels.


Khelkund Khelkund v2.9

Build your own Fantasy Cricket team this IPL season and WIN exciting prizes.


Running Ninja Running Ninja v1.1

Evade the fire balloons. Also avoid hitting the roof or falling down the wall.


BrickGame Matrix BrickGame Matrix v1.0

Brick Game Matrix live wallpaper


Magic Hat Magic Hat v1.0

Magic hat, from which emerge wonderful elements like a hearts.


OneBullet OneBullet v0.26b

One bullet. One life and the infinite number of zombies.


OneUp OneUp v0.02b

Unusual Ragdoll game where you have to get out of the dungeon,avoiding traps.


Impossible Dial Impossible Dial v1.3.1

Test your brain reaction time and reflexes in this amazing game


Labyrinth Adventures Labyrinth Adventures v1.0.5.1

Maze with multiple game modes, good graphics and physics.


Military Jeep Parking Military Jeep Parking v1.1

Drop army soldiers onto their base by carefully driving through hurdles in jeep


Aardvark Pedometer Aardvark Pedometer v1.1

Very accurate pedometer. Works on devices with or without step counters. No subscription fees. No ads.