Touter Touter v0.9.3

Set different screen timeout and brightness preferences per each of your apps.


MyDroid System Info MyDroid System Info v1.0.3

System info app for Android 3.0+


DisplayDoc DisplayDoc v1.0.1

Find out your screen resolution, pixel density and physical screen size. Find dead pixels and fix them with DisplayDoc!


Vectir Remote Control Vectir Remote Control v3.8.3

Vectir turns your Android device into a powerful universal remote control for your PC. Fully featured remotes are included for many applications including iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player (WMP) and PowerPoint. Also control your mouse, volume, keyboard and computer desktop directly from your Android tablet or phone. Don't waste your time installing a different remote for each application you wish to control - just install Vectir!


Vehicle Service Report Vehicle Service Report v1.0

Car Care is a vehicle maintenance application that is meant for any kind of vehicle owner. No longer will you have to deal with manual vehicle maintenance tracking.Car Care is made for the maintenance reminder function, the application provides reminders for almost all regular car services based on both Dates.You can also view full maintenance history.


Camera Stop Camera Stop vv1.0

Disables the Camera on Camera Phones. Camera Stop helps to combat: -Mobbing; -Sextings -Photos & video of teachers in school -Inappropriate photos & video of employees -Industrial espionage, photo's of company secrets, products, procedures.


Roundabout Capacity Free Roundabout Capacity Free v1.0.0

For students, engineers and technicians related to traffic analysis.


Engiverse Shapes Engiverse Shapes v1.1.2

Free tool for the civil engineers, architects and technicians


FNLArchiveManager FNLArchiveManager v1.01

Allows to extract archives compressed as:


Hologram Hologram v1.0

Real hologram! This handy app will create a hologram above your screen, wow your friend and family!


Diary Diary v1.0

Diary is a very useful application that does exactly what a diary supposed to do and even more.
The ultimate aim of the application is to "Users should be able to keep diary forever" to do that, we included a text file builder which helps you to make text files of your diaries based on your Search condition. You can use those text files in the future as you need and you can format them as you wish.


NetBurst NetBurst v2.1

NetBurst is a simple widget to enable WiFi and/or 3G for a predefined amount of time then turns it off automatically after said time preset. This is really helpful when you just want to get the latest instant messages or weather updates without going through turning WiFi/3G on/off manually.

The main advantages of this widget are convenience and saving battery life.


NETLook NETLook v1.0.0

A network analyzer useful to check your device network configuration, explore your LAN and check WAN connection parameters.


Connectivity Info Connectivity Info v2.1

Connectivity Info is the widget which show all useful information about Mobile data connection and Wifi connection

WARNING: Support android 3.0+ only


Alarm x4 Alarm x4 v1.04

The alarm clock which wakes up you in a good mood.

Alarm has several unique features:
- Alarm is free and does not contain ads.
- You should solve puzzle in order to turn off the alarm.
- The morning alarm clock will show a fresh joke.
- The latest forecast will be displayed for the place where you are.
- Alarm will delight you with lovely wallpaper every day.


UniPatcher UniPatcher v0.14.2

Utility to apply patches to game ROMs.


Long-time Voice Recorder Long-time Voice Recorder v1.0

Long-time Voice Recorder is an Android App for long-time audio recording. Records can be saved in SD Card or SkyDrive. Records are password protected.


Simple App Backup Restore Simple App Backup Restore v1.1

Backup & restore your apps using this simple tool. Auto backup supported.


S.O.S Backup Mobile S.O.S Backup Mobile v1.5.2

S.O.S Backup Mobile is a free backup software for your Android device. S.O.S Backup Mobile is made by Virtos, a company who has extensive experience in server/desktop backup world. S.O.S Backup Mobile backs up SMS, Call Log, Contacts and SDCARD contents.

Shareware 30 days.


ManualDistance ManualDistance v2.1

Manual Distance is an advance camera measure tool for quick measure and estimation of the distance to any object. It perform non-contact distance measurement by using camera and hardware sensor of device.

Manual Distance allows you to measure the distance to the target object with known length, or measure the length and dimension of target object if you know the distance to the object.