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Net Status Net Status v1.3

Very good network tools collection.

1.Ping any network address.
2.Get the status of all the currently open transport layer sockets on the device.
3.Get the network config spec.
4.Get current arp table.
5.Scan your network domain to find all your network neighbors.


Network Monitor Network Monitor v1.8.1

New version 1.8.1

2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities. Network data traffic to warm function.
Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary.


RockPlayer RockPlayer v1.6.3

RockPlayer is an optimized video player for android system.It support almost all popular video format and has a realy fast rendering engine.
RockPlayer uses FFmpeg as its video decoder under permission of LGPL.


ShotGun Pro ShotGun Pro v1.6

Turn your Phone into a Pump Action shotgun. Pump your phone back and forth to cock, Swing phone upward to fire!

Have Fun!


Sky Tower Sky Tower v1.0.0.7

It is easy to do without thinking game.

Climbing the stairs.

Game will earn points to crush the enemy.


Spider Spider v2.4.1

Enjoy Spider solitaire on your phone.

Three levels of difficulty.
Bonus games - Black Widow and tarantula.
Gesture based undo and redo.
Auto save on exit.
Animated cards motion.


Tangram Moment Tangram Moment v1.1.9

Keep Smart Series --- Tangram

Keep us smart and sharp, while we are having great fun!

The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which together can form various shapes.

The objective is to form a specific shape(based on background outline) using all seven pieces, which may not overlay.

450+ shapes for now.


Toss It Toss It v1.9.0

Toss a ball of crumpled paper into a waste bin. Simple. Fun. Addictive.


World Flags World Flags v1.4.9

Learn flags of world countries with this fun and educational game.

20 random flags are displayed and, one by one you must guess which flag belongs to which country.

Flags of all shapes and sizes, even with birds on them(not angry ones).

Suitable for all ages.

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