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aGibbets aGibbets v1.07

aGibbets is a simple and addictive shooting game for Android.

Use you bow and arrow to save the people being hanged!

Shoot the ropes to set them free, but be careful not to accidentally shoot the people instead!

Million times original Gibbets game was played on Flash/iPhone and now it's time for your Android.

Wish you enjoy with this game!


Android Saper Android Saper v1.1.0

Classic saper game. Target is to find all empty fields without catch a mine.


Anvestor Anvestor v1.85

Anvestor is massive multi player business economy game with real finance world mechanisms implemented. Create your company buy assets and trade. Your individual decision has an influence on the other players and the whole market.
You starts with 5000 USD in cash.You can trade on stock exchange and real estates.


Boost the cat Boost the cat v5.0

Boost The Cat is an addictive game. Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to boost as many cats as needed to pass a level.


Bubble Gum Bubble Gum v1.7

Addictive bubble shooting game! Simple yet cute graphics, aim and shoot by touching the screen any where you need!

Have Fun!


ChikensAndDogs ChikensAndDogs v5.00c

Chickens And Dogs is an addictive game.

Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to exlode as many chickens as needed to pass a level.

The game contains 20 levels ranging from the easy to the hard.


Christmas Puzzles Christmas Puzzles v1.0.0

Great game for kids and adults of any age!!

Simple but challenging sliding puzzle.
12 different Christmas photos.
Over 50 different Christmas facts.
2 different levels of difficulty.
Solve a puzzle, learn a Christmas fact!
Puzzle auto resets when time runs out!


Crazy Color Crazy Color v1.0

This is a mind-blowing game which is based on a classic brain teaser game. Your goal is to mane the color of each word!

Because the right half of your brain is trying to say the color, whild the left half is trying to say the word. So, have fun with this game.


Eye In The Sky Eye In The Sky v1.30

Protect a unique alien forest by blowing away the bad elements, while letting the good ones through. The forests are composed of 3D fractals, creating a unique alien looking backdrop for the game.

Finish 9 levels of various alien forest levels, and get a bonus "free style" level in level 10.


MOKO MOKO v1.5.9

MOKO,most famous for its vast amount of models, is a social platform targeted for professional models, actress, dancer, stewardess etc. see for more information.

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