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Altimeter Altimeter v1.1

Check your altitude with Altimeter. You can use it wherever you are. Altimeter uses GPS to find your altitude.


Andevice Andevice v1.0

Andevice is an intuitive application, which provides commonly needed informations about your android device and it's state.

The idea of this application is that you can adapt it to your needs and preferences. Currently you can choose between three, different themes and in next updates you will be able to decide what kind of information you want to see in each tab.


GPS Assistant GPS Assistant v1.5

GPS Assistant is a simple and intuitive application, which allows you to recieve data from GPS about your current location. You can check your coordinates (latitude and longtitude) and altitude. Additionally you can use speedometer. It might be an irreplaceable application in some situations.


GuitarTuner GuitarTuner v1.0

Guitar Tuner is a simple tool for tuning up your guitar. You can use it both with classical guitar and with electric guitar.


Rec and Save Rec and Save v1.8.1

Rec and Save is a voice recorder. Its unique advantage is a very fast recording voice memos. After the start of new recording session, everything happens in two movements. First click starts recording, and the second stops and saves file.


Rhythm Master Rhythm Master v1.3

Rhythm Master is a simple and intuitive metronome application. It supports tempo up to 500 bpm. It is characterized by simplicity and an appropriate arrangement of buttons.


Talking Animals Talking Animals v1.3

Talking Animals is an app developed for youngest users. Show it to your kids!

The principle of the application is simple. A child touches the portion of the screen, and then hears the voice of the selected animal.

The application teaches children to recognize sounds of different animals. It provides for the youngest the best fun. All the advantages of combines an interface that is intuitive and friendly to kids.

The application is compatible with tablets.

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