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Calculate Capacitor Calculate Capacitor v1.5.5

Calculate Capacitor will help you determinate capacitance values.


Calculate Capacitor PRO Calculate Capacitor PRO v1.0.3

With "Calculate Capacitor" you simply enter the Capacitor Code, and "Calculate Capacitor" will give you the values in PicoFarad, NanoFarad, MicroFarad for you!

Now with "Calculate Capacitor PRO", you can enter values in Micro, Pico and Nano Farad, and the app will give you the Capacitor Code.


Crazy Flasher Crazy Flasher v1.3.1

-Screen Control: Change color, velocity of blinking (in Crazy Mode). Or just for use like torch with Torch Mode, or in SOS mode for help.
-Flash Control: Change velocity of blinking (in Crazy Mode) or put the Stobe Mode. You can use it like a Toch, or for send SOS signals.
- Led Notification Control: Change color and velocity of Led blinking.
- Morse Code: Write what you want and see it in Morse Code, with the Screen, Flash and Vibrator.


Crazy Vibrator Crazy Vibrator v1.2.3

Crazy Vibrator is a simple but very funny aplication. You can play with the vibrator of your phone, setting the time off and on of the vibrator (such as a pulse signal). You can also make the phone to vibrate "SOS" Morse Code, or simple make it vibrate, all the time.


Vumeter Vumeter v1.0.5

Crazy Led VuMeter it's a very funny app, that allows you to see the noise in the place you are, trough the bars.

It has got one button for change sensibility, and other two buttons, for increase/decrease refresh time.

-- Coming soon: Each bar will be a different frequency. --

Crazy Led VuMeter is in Beta stage, and has an exellent performance on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Atrix.

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