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Anniversary of The Day Anniversary of The Day v1.0.0

This application informs you about interesting, important or just funny anniversaries from our past. If you want to know what important happened at this day in the past years, just install it. Nothing easier.

Contains widget.


FinalCountdown FinalCountdown v1.0

Counts down to application release.
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Let's Bounce Let's Bounce v1.7

Let's bounce is not a typical Arkanoid style game. Try something fresh!
- Control up to four paddles simultaneously using accelerometer.
- Play infinitely number of different levels
- Random bricks arrangement
- Every next level is more difficult than the previous one, but the selection of difficulties almost never is the same


Let's Bounce Lite Let's Bounce Lite v1.7

Every level, in contrast to other breakout games, is randomly generated, but not only the bricks arrangement is random. On each level there is different selection of difficulties what makes every next stage more difficult than previous one. All of this guarantee that number of combinations is unlimited and every game is different.
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Message From The Universe Message From The Universe v1.6

Universe has a message for you.
Wise sentences to cheer you up.
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