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Danger Coder Danger Coder v1.0

Danger Coder is a text encryption app to allow anyone to send encrypted data over unencrypted channels. Text can be written and encoded in Danger Coder, and then copy and pasted to the clipboard so it can be dropped in a texting, email, or chat app or even posted on Facebook. Only people with the right password can decode the messages. Use it to secretly communicate with your friends, set up surprise parties, or pass important, confidential information to someone.


Danger EMF Danger EMF v1.0

Displays the local Magnetic field in x, y, and z directions as well as displays a vector magnitude of the total field. The x, y, and z bars represent the percent value that the component affects the magnitude.


Danger Lights Danger Lights v1.0

Danger Lights is a lighted puzzle game where you manipulate the on screen lights to all turn off, or to form the pattern of an ‘X’ or to turn on all the perimeter lights. You do this by selecting a green or red light. This will toggle the light and its horizontal or vertical lights to the other color. The app tracks your lowest score for each scenario. The app generates random starting patterns that are guaranteed solvable for the particular goal. Have fun!


Danger Parables Danger Parables v1.0

Parables lists and displays the New Testament parables. Easily referenced from one handy app.


Danger TAF Danger TAF v1.1

Allows viewing of TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) used by pilots. TAF decoded to plain language. Select from a list of Airport Codes to retrieve TAF.


Danger World Flags Danger World Flags v1.1

Search or browse the National Flags of the World. See pictures and read descriptions of the flags and the reason behind their designs. Do you know the basis of your own country's flag? Autofill search field and forward and back buttons let you easily browse the database of information.


Stock Stream Stock Stream v1.0

Stock Stream will allow you to track the price of your stock investments.

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