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AminoAcids AminoAcids v1.0

View information on amino acids. Stats include polarities, masses, densities, solubilities, and pka values, etc. The stats also include numbers for each amino acid including cas, pubmed, and chemspider numbers, and others. There is also a viewable codon-to-amino acid chart for converting nucleic acid sequences to protein sequences.


MultiConverter MultiConverter v1.1.3

Turn your phone into a conversion tool. With this application you can simply click on what type of conversion you are going to make (distance, temperature, etc.), type your units in the corresponding field, and hit Convert and that's it! You'll be presented with a converted value for just about any unit you can imagine. If we don't have the units, just post a comment below, or send me an email and it will be included in the next update!


Notes Notes v1.0.6

Create, store, edit, and delete your notes or to do lists with this note application. The theme of this app is comparable to the iPhone "Notes" app and has a similar appearance. Designed to be very simple and straight to the point with a sleek look. You can also backup and restore notes to and from your SD card, as well as share a note via email straight from the app.


PeriodicTable PeriodicTable v1.1.3

Includes a list of various stats about every element, including ionic charges, groups, periods, electronegative values, electron configurations, mass, and more! You can also look at different periodic tables with elements highlighted by category, room temperature state, electronegative values, and radioactivity. No network usage is needed. All stats are included for elements 1(H) through 112(Uub).


Sudoku Sudoku v1.0

Everyone loves a game of Sudoku. Enjoy a game on your Android phone with some soothing background music. Your game will automatically be saved for you to come back to later. The game allows you to turn hints on or off. With hints on, squares with fewer numbers allowed will be highlighted with different colors and invalid inputs will not be allowed.

There are 5 difficulty levels and over 5,000 different boards to play so get started quickly!

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