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DrawMe DrawMe v1.0

Draw what you like without paper and pen. Just use your finger to draw what is in your mind.

It’s very so simply and easy to use. Even 3-year-old kids can use it.

Kids can practice ABC letter writing, paintings, coloring, cartoon drawing etc..


FunnyApp FunnyApp v1.0

A funny play to learn the ABCs from the innovative educational apps.
This app will supports all the phones and tablets.
It develops the children's ability to remember what they learned, how they understood the learning without bookish reading.


KissMe KissMe v1.3

KissMe provides detailed information about how to make out the Kiss and French Kiss.

The French kiss is a timeless and passionate gesture of romantic affection

While a single kiss shared with someone you like or love can sometimes be intense or electrifying, an extended kissing session (referred to in America as "making out", more often "snogging" in Britain) can take a little more variety, coordination, and finesse or sheer willpower.


MatchMe MatchMe v1.0

Match Me is a Love Horoscopes application, which will be more helpful to know about the chemistry between the male and female.

Love is a wonderful thing! Would you like to know the right way of loving and seducing the person of your choice but don't know where to start? Whether this is true love or just a fling, don't panic! Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope: you won't regret it.

Best App for ever.


NoteMe NoteMe v1.0

NoteMe is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you note everything across all your daily activities.
Once upon a time, you had to write down notes in a paper notepad and carry it around with you. If you wrote a shopping list or to do list, you might go to the store and discover you had forgotten your notepad. But how often do you forget to bring your mobile phone with you? Introducing NoteMe, the app you’ll only forget as often as your phone!


SixPack SixPack v1.2

Exercise is a key factor, as you might imagine, when it comes to getting the six pack abs of your dreams. But there are many exercises that you can do to sculpt your abdominal muscles so that they give you that six pack look that you have always wanted.

You will need to eat certain foods in certain ways in order to get the abs of your dreams.

Track your workout on daily basis and revisit your report and work status to improve the effort and speed.

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