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3D Talking Albert 3D Talking Albert v1.7

This cool LIVE 3D Albert Einstein Model performs the following actions for you:

● Albert Einstein blows a raspberry at you
● Albert Einstein whistles
● Albert Einstein sneezes
● Albert Einstein says some of his most popular quotes
● Use Albert as Alarm Manager


Air Ball 3D Air Ball 3D v1.2

Select airport and throw the ball with full force and beat the boxes.
We have created for you four airports with different arrangement of boxes. Any Airport contains 20 levels. On every 20th level you will unlock one new ball.


Art Of Tattoo Art Of Tattoo v3.2

In this application you will find a lot and very different tattoos gathered in one place. The best part of the program is that you can upload your own tattoo (if you have one) and share it with the world.
You can also bookmark your favorite tattoos. Try it !


Auto Loudspeaker Auto Loudspeaker v1.3

Auto Loudspeaker is a service that automatically turns on the phone speaker when somebody ringing or when you are dialing. The application has a user friendly interface.

After initial startup, the phone speaker will be activated when somebody ringing or when you are dialing.
The application is useful for drivers. You can use this application instead Hands-free.


Cancel SMS Cancel SMS v1.6

Did you hit the "Send" button too soon?
No worries! Hitting the "Send" button when you forget to write about something is no longer to be an issue. You can ALWAYS Cancel the SMS that you have send, by pressing one little button.
You will have one minute to react.


ChalkBoard ChalkBoard v1.7

Magic Board is an application which helps the user to calculate simple and complicated mathematical equations. The Math Board is used as a calculator. I had created a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface. So that it can helps the ones that are using it.


Contacts Mac Menu Contacts Mac Menu v1.1

Yes, Contacts Mac OS X menu is here for Android smartphones and it is completely free. Contacts Mac OS Menu is a software that can make unlimited groups of contacts. All contacts will be showed at right of your phone home screen.


Dress The Ladies Dress The Ladies v2.4

Dress the Ladies is one very funny game with 18 levels filled with fun. In each level the user must guess with what clothes the ladies might be.


Fast Icons Fast Icons v1.7

Fast icons is an application which will make your phone theme much more clean and beautiful. The application is suitable for all android themes which have four cells in the home screen footer.

This product is suitable with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and it is very proprer for this version of the Android. Use this amazing app, FOR FREE on your phone, and give your phone a new good look.


Karaoke Bird Karaoke Bird v2.2

The Karaoke Bird is one very beautiful bird, with great voice, which will sing some famous songs for you.

♥ Birdy reacts on poking in the eyes and feet.
♥ By pressing The Music button you can choose a song for Birdy to sing.
♥ By pressing The Bottle button you get Birdy a beer.
♥ By pressing The Smile button you let Birdy release some inner pressure!

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