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Baby Names Baby Names v1.1

Looking for a baby name with Indian origin ? Then this is the right app for you.

- More than 4000+ names along with their meaning
- No internet connection required for the app to work
- Quick search option
- Alphabetical scroll view
- User friendly interface
- Tiny app
- Absolutely FREE


Blood Type Blood Type v1.0

If you want to know to whom you can give blood or from whom you can receive blood, then this is the right app for you. Just supply the app with your blood group and the app will tell you to which blood group you can give and receive blood from.


Compass Compass v1.1

Simple Compass App that will come in handy during your travel. A smartphone app that can be used as a compass because of the magnetometer inside.


Dice Roller Dice Roller v1.1

Want to play a board game, but the dice is missing. Don't worry, this is the app for you. Use Dice Roller to roll two virtual dice and play any of your favourite game without the need of a real dice. Use it for anything where a real dice is required but is not available.


Digital Clock Digital Clock v1.0

An app that will make your smartphone turn into a digital clock at night. Just start the app and use your smartphone as a digital clock. Once started, the app will stay awake all the time till its switched off. Tiny and less power consuming app that will come in handy when you wake up at midnight and ask yourself "What time is it?".


Media Scanner Plus Media Scanner Plus v1.0

A small and tiny app to re-scan your media, when some other app fails to do it. I was facing problem with my default camera app. The app behaved weirdly, when I took a picture it didn't scan the media and I was not able to see my pictures in the Gallery. I didn't find any option in the Settings to re-scan the media as well, so I developed this simple app to do it.


Never Have I Ever Never Have I Ever v1.1

Classic 'Never Have I Ever' Game. Consists of more than 200+ questions. Simple & Tiny App that will come in handy when you are at a party or when you are just chilling out with friends.


Sneezer Sneezer v1.2

'Sneezer' is nothing but a funny sneezing sound app. If you want someone to say 'God Bless You', then just say 'Excuse Me' and press any of the 'Sneeze' button. Weird sneezes will make you and your friends laugh. And it gets excited when you tap multiple 'Sneeze' buttons at a go.


Torch Torch v1.2

If your android mobile doesn't have a LED light, but you want to use your mobile as a torch/flashlight then this is what you want. This app, when launched, sets the screen brightness to the maximum and disables the key-lock or your mobile going to sleep. Simple and tiny app that will always come in handy.


Touch Snake Touch Snake v1.0

This is a Classic Snake Game for Android. Eat as many apples as possible to score more. Set a high score and make your friends beat it.

- Cool Graphics
- Android Snake
- No Ads Disturbing Your Game Play
- Virtual Touch Buttons
- Tiny & Light Weight App

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