Silent Alarm Silent Alarm v1.3

Silent Alarm – the number one free personal safety app for android, which in the event of an emergency, could help save your life with a single touch.

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Hawk Traveler Hawk Traveler v1.2.4

Hawk Traveler is a mobile application for Android, which allows you to make all your travels (journeys, walking tours, jogging, etc.) more informative as well as save all the info concerning these trips and, if necessary, share this information with others.
You can use Hawk Traveler as standard GPS tracker.
Export to GPX format is supported.


Close to You Close to You v1.0

Close To You, lets you find points of interest in your area.


Polaris Navigation Polaris Navigation v4.2

With an emphasis on waypoint navigation, Polaris Navigation System delivers a comprehensive tool-set for wilderness and city navigation.


World Atlas Pro World Atlas Pro v1.10

World Atlas Pro an application specially designed for map lovers allowing them to print, share, mail and download all maps. It displays all continent maps, country maps with detailed information, thematic maps, city maps, Mineral Maps etc. It also provides US Fast Facts and fascinating infographics on Global Issues. Along with this it allows users to create their own maps.


Autoservice Autoservice v1.2

Az Auto Service alkalmazás segítséget nyújt minden bajba jutott autós számára utazása során.

Bármilyen műszaki hiba, vagy baleset következtében az úton rekedt autós néhány gombnyomással képes autómentőt hívni, és kiválasztani a számára legmegfelelőbb szervízt.


Where R U ? Where R U ? v3.190

"Where R U" is a mobile app that lets you know where your loved ones are without using GPS.

You have a small widget on your home screen for each person that you care about. At a glance you know where they are. All the time. It updates itself automatically.

You have your own widget of yourself, where you are, on the home screen too. With one press of your finger you can choose from over 30 different locations so that your followers know where you are.


FacebookFriendsTracker FacebookFriendsTracker v1.0

Facebook Friends Tracker, Trace your friends evry where !


GPS WPX Light GPS WPX Light v2.35

The lite version of the award winning app for Palm, GPS Waypoints Navigator, is now available for Android devices. With multiple customizations available, the floating compass, odometer, speedometer and GPS will make your future navigation experiences a breeze.


LOCO8 LOCO8 v2.0.0.2013.02.21_SLIDEME

LOCO8 - Reclaim your Location!

This open community LOCO (location) tagging and sharing app allows you to tag any location you find interesting and go to locations others tag.



Maps of Canada Maps of Canada v1.1.0

Maps of Canada
Everyone in Canada and around the world should have access to material to help learn more about the Dominion of Canada. With this app, you can check the following information about canada:


World Map World Map v1.6.175

World Map
A world map is a map of the surface of the Earth, which may be made using any of a number of different map projections.



I Am Ok I Am Ok v1.0

With "I am OK" app your parents will allways know (*think) that you are OK, not dead and remember about them.
No matter where you are and what are you really doing.



Using this application, one will be able to buy a 1 day transportation pass for RATB (Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti).


Meteo RadarES Meteo RadarES v1.4

Aplicación con información del tiempo de radares y satélites españoles.


Taxi Dispatch Taxi Dispatch v1.1

This is an awesome App for Taxi Drivers to book taxi riders via app. And vice versa for Taxi riders to book Taxi drivers via U taxi Dispatch Application. This application is developed for all android as well as iPhone devices.


Track Location Track Location v1.8.2

Track Location is an application which displays your location anywhere in the world.

Using GPS or your network, you can see the latitude and longitude of where you are and save it to check later.
In future versions you can plot routes between the paths you recorded.


HudSpeed HudSpeed v1.1

speedoMeter is unique way for heads up HUD style GPS speed display on your car windscreen

• is unique way for heads up HUD style GPS speed display
• Ever wanted a heads up display of your speed?
• Hud Speed is a GPS Speedometer.
• Ever wanted a heads up display of your speed?
• Hud Speed is a GPS Speedometer.


Barcelona Metro Barcelona Metro v1.2

A simple free and offline map of Barcelona Metro, very useful for tourists and visitors.


OnlyYatra OnlyYatra v1.100 is a young, vibrant and dynamic travel portal bringing most economical and exciting offers on flights, hotels and holiday packages across the world, to its customers. We believe in the lightning fast response. Our aim is to provide our customers with various travel solutions in order to help them "Pay LESS and Travel More".